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Young Inexperienced Guotin Forced To Suck His PE Teacher’s Cock

by on Dec.26, 2013, under CMNM

Guotin is a young and quite naïve hetero boy who thought he could get away without attending the sex education while the lectures were about homosexual practices among men. Now he will have to make up for all the lost lessons and, more importantly, practice!

His Physical Education teacher whips out his cock and orders the boy to suck it. Guotin’s superiors also urge him to get down on his knees and show how good he is as far as the practical part of oral stimulation of males is concerned.

The headmaster thinks that the boy really needs more advanced tutoring, so he joins in the examination by starting to finger the boy’s tight virgin ass.

Guotin is completely taken aback by this sudden turn of events, he never imagined that he would be sucking anyone’s cock, let alone his PE teacher’s, and now his both orifices – oral and anal – are thoroughly invaded and despoiled. Guotin is unable to stand up and say no because these men are so aggressive, authoritative and obviously bent on taking away his virginity. Guotin realizes that he really has no choice: he must do whatever is asked of him and obey his superiors.


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