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Naked Marine – Hot Soldier Chris Jerking Off In His Uniform

by on Mar.05, 2012, under Naked Marine

Lance Corporal Chris is a soldier with a conspicuously white and ginger skin tones. So he looks quite boyish. But you would be so wrong to assume that this straight boy is naïve and childish. Chirs is a strong and tough Marine and always ready for battle.

He told us what he and his buddies did in Iraq – apparently it was more about humanitarian jobs than anything else. They helped the local people with the food and stuff.

Soon after the introduction, he begins to massage his crotch area through the fatigues. He closed his eyes and kicked back on the sofa. Soon enough his dick is awakened and he lets it out. His dick is pretty big and pink. It obviously yearns to fuck some girl. Around his balls and cock there is a delicate red pubic hair.

Chris spits on his finger and pushes it into his asshole. Now this is a testament to his genius, because I always love to watch straight dudes experimenting with their assholes.

Chris doesn’t remove all his clothes. He is in his uniform and combat boots all the time, so we can enjoy the perfection. Chris goes on his knees and begins to jerk off quicker. Soon enough he shoots a huge amount of cum and it hits his perfectly built chest.

It’s always pleasure to watch a hot Marine jerking off!


Short preview video:

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