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Sean Cody – Amazing Bathroom Fuck With Manly Studs Brodie & Phillip

by on Mar.30, 2012, under SeanCody

I suggested to Brodie and Phillip that they take a hot shower together. As soon as the steam began to form in the bathroom and  the boys took off their clothes (keeping only their underware) their dicks began to get hard and I think you’ll agree that they both look amazingly hot with their big erect dicks, protruding through the pants!

Phillip started to thoroughly examine Brodie’s body with his mouth, paying special attention to Brodie’s armpits, bush around the balls and his feet. It seems that Phillip loves the way Brodie smells!

Then Brodie took charge and started to manhandle Phillip, pushing him aggressively around the shower and making it all too obvious that he wanted him.

“It’s like our very own water park,” Brodie said. Then he picked Phillip up and carried him to the other side of the room.

But first Brodie started to face-fuck Phillip, shoving that cock deep inside his mouth. Phillip was hungry for cock too, because he seemed as if he was begging to be fed with Brodie’s dick.

“He has a really great cock and I can’t get enough!” Phillip said.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching manly and hairy Phillip getting nailed by Brodie. It’s always a turn on for me to watch a masculine dude getting pounded by another dude and loving it. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

It was also amazing to watch them in this setting, with all the wetness, water and steam all around them. A friend of mine told me that shower fucks are the best, and I tend to concur!

Brodie cummed directly into Phillip’s face and mouth and Phillip didn’t mind it at all.

“Cum tastes great!” Phillip was adamant. He even sometimes spits it out and starts to suck it again over another man’s dick, using it as a kind of lube.

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