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Breeder Fuckers – Arrogant Rock Star Wayne Fucked, Spunked & Humiliated

by on Nov.09, 2012, under BreederFuckers

Wayne is a rock star and he got a bit angry at all the news reporters invading his privacy these days. He came over Adrian’s bar hoping to get away from those pesky paparazzi.

Wayne is by nature a pretty cocky dude and this fact has drawn Adrian’s attention right away. The pervy men decide that this arrogant young men needs to learn a lesson, so they peg him down and forcefully tear down all his clothes.

Wayne is in a state of shock, he can’t believe that this is really happening. He’s still kinda keeping the cheeky smile on his face, but soon enough that will be the thing of the past. Dave unceremoniously shoves his big pole directly into Wayne’s asshole, thereby letting him know who’s the boss there. Dave forces Wayne to suck his cock by stretching his mouth with a mouth stretcher. Now that has to be humiliating as hell.

The pervy men have no respect for this arrogant straight boy, they just dump all their sperm on his body and in his mouth. This self-important straight lad will soon learn his place when he’s surrounded by more masculine men than himself.


Preview video:

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Baitbuddies – Young "Rock Star" Bangs Beefy Hot Boy

by on Jan.03, 2011, under BaitBuddies

While wandering through the parks with his video camera, our resident hunter for straight dudes, Robbins, stumbles across a hot young guy who is playing a guitar, trying to make a few bucks from the passers-by. The kid is not doing great, cause he’s only made $3.25 which are sitting in his guitar case. After a bit of a discussion, Caruso realizes that this young dude isn’t really the brightest spotlight on the stage and he knows he’s found his next Bait Buddies “star”.

Next we see this new rock star wannabe, Mick, in the studio where we brought him to do a “free” photo shoot, which should help him with his career and rise to stardom (hehe). But then we tell him that all rock stars have to pose first without their shirt and then nude as well. Mick is truly cute and sweet, and very naïve. This 20 year old kid will believe any ridiculous story we’ve got in store for him. And oh, by the way, he’s got a really impressive, thick. long hard dick!

Anyway, meanwhile our Bait guy, Connor, who was introduced as a model, has been sitting watching the action. Connor is a tall, beefy, built blonde with a really big cock. The kind of hottie that nobody’s throwing out of their bed anytime soon. Quick enough, Robbins is propositioning Mick to get into some sex with Connor, to which he replies "No way. I’m not gay" several times over.

Robbins tells Connor that at least he should start sucking Mick’s hard delicious dick and see how that goes. As it turns out, it goes really well and one thing leads to another… and soon we have these two hot guys fucking the shit out of each other.


Short preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video at Bait Buddies!

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