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Hot Masculine Driver Chris At His First Porn Audition

by on Feb.08, 2015, under TheCastingRoom

Chris is a hot, masculine and completely straight truck driver who comes from East Europe and would really like to try his luck in porn. He heard that guys can earn easy cash if they’re liked by fans (especially gay male fans). Although he says that he had never been filmed naked, much less while jerking off, he is still pretty well-acquainted with some basics of the industry. For example, he knows that there’s a difference between what he personally likes to do in sex, and what he would agree to do on film. Things that he does on film are not necessarily the things he would do in his private life, but still he doesn’t find those things too objectionable so he would do them for money.

The casting director asks the handsome driver some usual questions, and he seems to be really nice and kind towards the model. I guess the handsome driver instills a certain dose of respect and authority with his manly looks so one would be wise to avoid being too bold with him.

I’d say that our East European friend got pretty nervous when the casting director told him to take off all his clothes, though. He had no idea how he would look like when he’s naked in front of the camera. He was especially concerned about the length of his dick (which is pretty decent, by the way). But, as soon as the casting director started to take measurements with his tape, this reminded our masculine truck driver of the time he spent in the Army where this type of thing wasn’t unusual at all. He told us that he is totally fine with other men touching him, as long as there’s no sexual intention involved. Oh well, we’ll see about that in the future.

Although like most men Chris has extensive knowledge and lots of practice under his belt when it comes to jerking off, this is really his first time to do it in front of the camera. It took some time until he overcame the temporary block and started to actually enjoy stroking his nice big uncut dick. Namely, as soon as he stopped thinking about how he would look like to potential viewers and became certain that he looked great, his exhibitionistic streak shone bright and we got a great show from him.

He gives us a self-satisfied cheeky smile after he shot his load and realized that the story indeed had a happy ending.


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