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Feisty Hot Traveller Michael Is At The Mercy Of Stern Female Customs Officers

by on Aug.21, 2013, under CFNM

Michael is travelling to his favorite holiday destination, when he suddenly finds himself detained by stern female customs officers. The first part of this story is here.

Now the women are angry because the young lad doesn’t want to allow them to search him naked, but he has to comply eventually. The female officers remove all his clothes and tell him to bend over so they can inspect his ass cheeks and asshole. This otherwise cocky and arrogant dude is now forced to endure all this humiliation without saying a word.

Michael’s cock starts growing an erection and in a few seconds he is fully erect, all those female hands touching him were too much handle and he couldn’t stop getting hard. The females also inspect his fully hard throbbing dick with gloves, as if it were the evidence of some sort that they were looking for. Then they focus on his tight, virgin, pink asshole and probe it with their fingers.


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Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM) is a very hot site for lovers of truly straight guys. It’s a little tongue in cheek but the men are fuckingly hot!

Clothed Females Naked Male

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Young Cocky Hunk With Fat Uncut Dick – James @ Manavenue

by on Oct.18, 2010, under Manavenue

This hot fucker was all too eager to get naked. Usually that means they want to hurry up and be done…or, in the case of James, it just meant that we was ready to jack off and blow some cum.

In the meantime, he was all over the room – legs in the air, pulling on his dick, showing his ass…walking to the kitchen with his hard cock pointing the way…standing by the windows flexing…sitting on the floor with legs spread wide to show us a nice load of cum.

This guy is just how I like ’em – straight, slightly hairy, great legs and ass, cocky with a bit of an attitude and a bit mysterious – oh, and that fat hard dick makes James my perfect man.
We hope James will be back to play with us some more in the future.


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Eric Clayton Busts A Nut

by on Sep.07, 2010, under College Dudes


Eric Clayton is a sexy 22 year old from California. He loves the rodeo and lives his life a little on the wild side – and he loves sex and having a good time.

In his solo vid, Eric works up his nice cock, gets it glistening with lube, and pounds away with his fist. Eric shows us a bit of his hot hole, too! After a few more minutes of self-pleasure, Eric creams a nice load all over himself and breathes a satisfied sigh to end this hot vid!


Preview video:

Eric is your typical next-door straight boy. He emanates enthusiasm, strong masculine energy, sexuality, and virility. I just adore the way he smiles.

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Chaosmen Rory Serviced by Ransom

by on Aug.27, 2010, under Chaosmen

The night before this shoot I told Ransom to save a load for his Serviced scene with Rory. From the vibe I got from Rory, he was going to be more than happy to have a dick to suck while being Serviced. I love it when these videos naturally turn into a suckfest. Ransom does an awesome job handling Rory’s big uncut cock, and then makes his own dick accessible.

Three minutes in, and Rory was sucking dick like a pro. Rory says he is on the Bi side, but from talking to him, I think he is getting more and more interested in dudes. Its kind of hot when these Mid 20’s guys have been playing "undercover straight" and just tend to have the masculine traits as second nature. Being in the Service, I think he tended to butch it up.

Ransom continues to step up his game in wanting to do these blow job videos. Once again, I think he was truly turned on by this military dude. He eagerly eats his ass, and fingers his hole. After that, Ransom was keen on getting his dick sucked properly, and I love seeing Rory’s bubble but flexing while he hungrily sucks Ransom’s cock. I knew Rory was gonna have to really beat his meat hard to nut, so we let him have at it. And after me giving Ransom a hard time about claiming to have actually let one of the models cum in his mouth (I sure couldn’t see it!) he was determined to take a load properly.

Rory comes all over his lips then dumps the rest in his mouth. Ransom holds it there then spits it out and uses it to lubricate his dick. Very VERY hot!

He stands up, cum still dripping off his chin, then unloads all over Rory’s cock and chest.


Short preview video:

If you don’t like the one-sided-ness of a standard Serviced video, this one will please you as both guys eagerly try to get the other off!

Click here to watch this entire hot scene with Rory and Ransom sucking each other off and sharing their cum.

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Young Straight Man Linden Works His Big Cock

by on Jun.14, 2010, under Straight Fraternity

Linden tells me about the first time he had sex – and the first time he saw his buddy’s cock close up. Off come the shirt and pants and Linden gets busy with his big cock through his underwear. This guy is a grower AND a shower! I was surprised how big his cock got – and it’s got a nice big head on it, too. Some nice POV shots – I thought he was going to blow a load right on my face there for a minute.


Preview video:

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