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Military Buddies James & Yuri Stroke Their Big Cocks Together

by on May.14, 2013, under My Straight Buddy

My old buddy James brought his military buddy Yuri and they are having a nice, relaxed chit-chat about how fucking nice it was to hang around my house and get drunk, then go around the house naked, watch porn movies and jack off.

That’s the type of fun that military guys usually like, because it brings them much needed relief from their daily duties in the military. These guys are truly straight, they get hard only when they see a hot chick, so there won’t be any bisexual adventures. But, if you’re like me, you just love the straight men as they are and these are some of the best specimens I could find.

Yuri comes from Russia, but he was adopted by a family in Minnesota a long time ago, so his accent is decidedly not Russian but sounds more like Canadian.

The two military buddies watch the porn I left playing on my laptop, discuss the girls in the porno, and stroke their rather large army dicks. They’re not ashamed of each other’s presence and, to me, it seemed as if they had done this sort of thing before. I think it’s just a common thing in the army, men feel more at ease with their bodies, sexuality and their mates because there’s nothing and nobody to be ashamed of. They’re just a bunch of horny men.

I ask them what was the weirdest place where they jerked off, and the answers were interesting. A tank? Damn. Who would have thought?

Both marines are pretty buff and strong, and their dicks are no less impressive. The only thing that these two men lack are some hot girls, but we can’t give them that yet. Let’s first enjoy in their cock stroking video.


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