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Dino is a 27-year-old skinhead and surfer from Hawaii. He looks absolutely great and has a real monster cock that measures no less than 9 inches (22 cm)! He is actually renowned on Waikiki Beach for his cock, and all the ladies (and some dudes) want to see that dick.

Dino thinks that everybody loves a big cock, and who am I to disagree. Big cock looks great on a big stud, it’s just a fact of life.

Dino works as a handyman, and if you have a problem with something in your house he will gladly come to fix it. When he arrives at your house he will likely take off his shirt and let you see and admire his big, ripped muscles and inked skin.

The first time we filmed Dino he had longer hair, but now he shaves it off or leaves just a couple of millimeters. He has also grown a nice sexy beard, and I can almost bet that the bear lovers will love it.

We managed to capture some very hot and private moments with Dino and you can watch them in the “behind the scenes” part of the video. He loves to use his surfboard almost as much as he loves to stroke his big cock. It seems that he has to carry them both wherever he goes!

Dino enjoys showing off his body and gives us a nice view of him stroking his cock. He behaves a bit thuggishly but that makes him even hotter. His ass is smooth and his thighs muscled. But damn, that dick steals the show for me!

Dino also makes some pretty epic face expressions while wanking off his man meat. We absolutely love these big, bad boys especially when they look so tough and mean!

He also has a sense of humor and made us laugh when he compared his cock to a bunch of bananas – yep his cock is bigger than the average Hawaiian banana. Although he looks like a rough thug, he has a nice, lively personality and a great smile!

Dino spends most of his spare time outside completely nude. He loves to do all kinds of manual work completely naked. I’ve said it before and I will say it again – nothing beats the sight of a naked straight man! Check out the scene when we gave him a saw to fell some overly tall trees in the forest! He gets all sweaty.

Then he allows us to shoot him while he’s taking a piss in the garden. He takes his time and it really does last for a long time! I can tell that pissing made him a bit horny because his cock grew semi-hard.

Dino likes to get rough even when he’s jerking his own cock, so we’re treated to some pretty hot stuff here. He pulls his balls and twists them with both hands while working on his man meat. Eventually he starts to cum and shoots a real barrage of cum. Damn, that was a real fountain of straight man jizz!

If you ever come to Waikiki be sure to check him out, he is frequently seen walking around the streets here carrying his blue surfboard and adjusting that huge monster cock inside his board shorts.

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