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Review Of Cazzo’s New “Outdoor” Compilation

by on Jul.15, 2017, under Cazzo Club

This is a little review of Cazzo’s new release which is called “Outdoor”. As the name itself implies, this is a compilation of some of the best outdoor sex scenes that these hardworking Germans. It explores sex in the train, in a quarry, on the freeway and in the middle of the g

These guys are not put off by the fear that they could be discovered any minute… this uneasiness about being discovered actually makes them even more horny and passionate.

The preview video shows extracts from several scenes. In the first one a handsome white dude is alone with a handsome black guy and they exchange glances which tell the whole story. Then the white guy whips out his hard cock and things proceed naturally from that point onwards… lots of nice passionate kissing in this one.

The second scene is with two hot guys who are wearing bomber jackets. They also exchange horny glances and then whip out their hard cocks. Nice mutual jerkoff scene which will then evolve into something much more hardcore.

The third scene is with Tim Kruger and a hot black guy. They are also somewhere outside, among some new but abandoned buildings. When they’ve found a suitable place they start making out. Tim’s cock is as huge and impressive as ever!

There are other kinkier things as well, such as fucking in the mud, milking cocks in the subway, and many other things so typical of imaginative German porn. However, we at RSM are not very much into those kinkier things so we’ll just cover the “standard sex” scenes here in this review.

Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in perfect HD quality at Cazzo Club!

Cazzo Club is a famous German porn site that features exceptionally masculine men in very hard, extreme and sometimes nasty hardcore sex. You can count on fuck scenes that are quite different from the usual vanilla porn. The men are usually quite hot and manly, and you can tell they’re enjoying the piggy sex.


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