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Hunky Farmer George Fully Examined By Female Country Doctor

by on Jan.19, 2018, under CFNM TV

Doctor Charrington had already come to terms with the fact that her new life in the country wouldn’t be terribly eventful or interesting. The majority of her patients are aged farmers who get injured while performing their regular work activities and jobs. And although she is always impartial and wants to help everyone that comes for help, she began to yearn for a bit more excitement in her life.

And as luck would have it, hunky farmer George decided to pay her a visit just today while she was already starting to feel sorry about her decision to move to the country. Dr Charrington can hardly believe her eyes when this handsome and slightly dumb-looking farmer appears at the entrance door of her office! Finally she can use all her knowledge and experience on this worthy case!

George, on the other hand, feels totally insignificant next to Dr Charrington. Her overwhelming confidence and authority that she exudes make him feel embarrassed. George had heard from other people that Dr Charrington is very knowledgeable and experienced and he has full confidence in her expertise.

George has been having a little embarrassing problem lately. Namely, he says he often gets so horny that he gets spontaneous erections all the time – even at the most inappropriate situations! Dr Charrington is convinced she can help him, but first she has to examine his whole body, and especially his genitals so as to see what’s happening there.

Dr Charrington gleefully examines George’s hunky muscular body and as soon as she touches his cock, it gets hard in mere seconds! Now that’s a condition she surely knows how to treat…. (to be continued).

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