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FraternityX – Breeding the Owner of the Smallest Dick

by on Jul.01, 2012, under FraternityX

Several days ago me and my buddies in our frat house got way too horny after having smoked a bowl and we had a big dick contest. Jackson was the winner cause he sports a ten inch monster between his legs.

But there was also this new guy, Trevor, who has a relatively small one. My buddies began to tease him about the size of his little friend and someone got the idea that the owner of the smallest dick (Trevor) should get gangbanged by all the other guys who have a bigger dick.

So we just whipped it out and began to shove our hard sticks into Trevor’s throat, putting two cocks at the same time. That dude is a good cocksucker and can handle two big thick dicks no problem!

Then it was time to ravage his tight little hole and we all took turns fucking the shit out of Trevor. In the end we all dumped our loads inside his ass and Trevor cummed while someone was drilling his ass.

Amazing fuck, as usual, with lots of dicks flashing across the screen, cum flying in all directions and Trevor’s hot ass being injected hot sperm.

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