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SpunkWorthy – Young Studs Chance & Brody Jacking Off Together

by on Aug.12, 2012, under SpunkWorthy

It’s been months since we had two guys jerking off together. That’s such a hot situation that there’s no reason not to try it again. So I asked Brody and Chance if they’d like to give it a try and, after some hesitation, they said – yes. Some extra money which I offered them helped a bit as well.

And what do ya know, these two guys had never tag-teamed a girl with a buddy before. Not to mention jerked off with one of their male friends. So inexperienced! Well, we are here to help young inexperienced straight men – you could say that’s our mission.

While they were still in their clothes I poked jokes at them and asked them how they felt about the whole thing and Chance said, "There’s a first time for everything."

Chance is such a horn dog, he can get it up in no time at the slightest breeze. On the other hand, Brody was a bit more nervous and it took him about a minute to get hard, but I could see that in the meantime he kept peeking at Chance’s rock hard meat, probably trying to estimate how his dick compares to Chance’s. Boys will be boys!

I think both guys have quite nice asses, so I told them at one point to go on all fours and show their bottoms. Brody has a bit of hair there while Chance is completely smooth, but has a hairy asshole. Somehow I have a feeling that both of them were completely perplexed when I told them to show off their butts, I can bet they had never had any experience quite like this – being completely naked with another guy in bed, and with their ass sticking up there naked in the air.

After we did butt shots I told them to go ahead and jerk off those nice hard dicks at the pace that suits them. Brody jacked off like a maniac and worked up a sweat. Soon enough he shot a nice big wad onto the bed sheets.

Chance lay back on the bed and began to jerk off faster. "You want me to shoot it on myself?" he asked gasping, with a perplexed face expression. Then he uttered the words "About to cum…" and shot a large squirt of sperm onto his stomach. The boys made a real mess with their jizz but I was very happy to have such fantastic shooters.


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