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Daniel Gets Fucked For The First Time By Muscled Stud Liev

by on Apr.25, 2013, under SeanCody

Being fucked by another man for the first time is a big step for every gay man. And for every straight man, for that matter (since straight men can also get fucked and remain straight).

It is a moment of great weirdness, pain and pleasure all mixed together in one overwhelming experience. Therefore one should choose his first top wisely and not go with just about anyone who comes along. One should choose a partner that is hot, manly and strong enough to perform as a Top; and on the other side he should be caring, tender and full of understanding. A great responsibility lies on the Top, whether the bottom man would remember this experience as something positive and life-affirming, or something that he’d rather forget about.

In ancient Sparta, which was famous for its military state and in which boys were raised as soldiers from their infancy, had a rich history of anal sex practices among their men. It was considered that men who fuck each other can have a stronger cause to defend each other in case there’s war or some other threat to their mates. It is often considered that the Spartan army was the most courageous of all the armies in the ancient Hellenic world.

In ancient Greece the men who had sexual relations with each other were less aggressive and spent less of their energy in meaningless violent wars, and were more apt to constructively collaborate for the welfare of the entire society.

Daniel was in luck when that dirty thought arose in his mind – the thought to get fucked and be someone’s bitch. He said it aloud, “I want to be someone’s bitch!” and that’s enough for anyone to understand that this dude was ready to get his cherry popped.

Liev is a fantastic choice for anyone’s first top, and he proved to be a fantastic fucker in this case. He was both strong and determined to deflower his buddy Daniel, and at the same time careful not to hurt him.

The fucking was intense, as usual. Both guys were clearly into it and the sparks definitely were flying all around.


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