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Revengeful Ladies Punish & Examine Hairy, Beefy But Arrogant Stud Paolo

by on Mar.13, 2016, under CFNM

Paolo thinks very highly of himself. He’s so cocksure and thinks he can do whatever he wants with women. He habitually takes advantage of his female colleagues and treats them like shit, and on the other hand he claims to be an irresistible lover whom all the hot women in the neighborhood chase continually. His methods are as transparent as they are cheap – he usually takes some cheap flowers in a local flower shop and gives them as a present to some lovely lady. Then follow his flattery and cheap, insincere compliments whose final goal is to bring that lady into his bed so he can fuck her.

Well, Betty and Farrah know types like Paolo very well. They aren’t impressed by his macho crap methods at all, and can see through his façade of a crook. Mrs Barcliff is a woman who thoroughly hates when someone tries to cross her and one can be sure that her revenge is not going to be easy to endure…


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Clothed Females Naked Male

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  • Good looking guy!

  • Gazzaq

    Lionel/Paolo is a Hot Guy with a Fit Arse. He needs a Good Fucking and not from those women!

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