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CMNM – Sergeant Inspects Private Coulter & Milks His Cock

by on Sep.06, 2012, under CMNM

The troubles for Private Coulter are far from over in the CMNM army barracks. Actually, his superiors now want to step up the level of inspection. The staff sergeant thinks that Private Coulter is just feigning to be sexually indifferent, and to prove that, he teases him by touching him on his genitals. Sure enough, the private grows a big erection in no time and after getting some helping hand from his army buddies he shoots his jizz. The sergeant takes some of Private Coulter’s cum and forces him to swallow it.

Private Coulter is now filled with shame. He had promised his girlfriend not to spill his seed while being in the army and now all that has gone to hell. He goes back to his bed with his chest covered with his white spunk and he can still fell the taste of his own semen in his mouth.


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Drill My Hole – Rough Army Fuck With Damien Crosse & Scott Carter

by on May.30, 2012, under Drill My Hole, Men Dot Com

Damien Crosse and Scott Carter are in the army, chatting by the fire. Their sergeant (Nacho Vidal) arrives and is furious because of something. He demonstrates his anger by forcing the soldiers to have sex with each other. The rougher the better, after all these are the toughest men in the world!

I really enjoyed this scene as all the three men shine in their roles. Both Damien Crosse and Scott Carter wear their military uniform and it suits them very well. I think both these studs are at the peak of their good looks and the vibe I’m getting from them is decidedly masculine.

Damien totally dominated Scott and plowed his ass like an animal. This was one seriously dirty and rough fuck session. Don’t miss out, especially if you’re into manly soldiers.

SergeantsOrdersDMH (1)
SergeantsOrdersDMH (2)
SergeantsOrdersDMH (3)
SergeantsOrdersDMH (4)
SergeantsOrdersDMH (5)
SergeantsOrdersDMH (6)
SergeantsOrdersDMH (7)
SergeantsOrdersDMH (8)
SergeantsOrdersDMH (9)
SergeantsOrdersDMH (10)
SergeantsOrdersDMH (11)
SergeantsOrdersDMH (12) 

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Brutal Tops – Cruel Masters Bully Soldiers In The Barracks

by on Jan.22, 2012, under Brutal Tops

Dominants Masters are in the mood for some nasty and cruel games today. They are in their daily inspection in the local barracks, watching whether the soldiers there are obedient and submissive enough.

The Masters think that it’s high time they played the game of soggy biscuit. Namely, all three men who participate in the game will cum onto the biscuit and the soldier who is getting disciplined will have to eat the cum-drenched biscuit.

First the Masters bully the soldier and make him play with himself. They undress him until he is completely naked so that they can see his perfectly muscled body. Then they push and shove their cocks into his face. The fact that they are abusing and torturing these young, strong and muscled soldiers makes the Masters exceptionally horny and aroused. It gives them great pleasure to know that these aggressive uniformed men will have to obey their commands.

The soldier who was getting disciplined was eventually forced to eat the biscuit along with the sperm of the other soldiers. This helps maintain discipline and remind the soldiers that there is always a higher authority above them.


Short preview video:

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Active Duty – Taylor Offers His Virgin Ass To His Army Buddies

by on Jan.18, 2012, under ActiveDuty

Today we’ve got three extra hot and manly marines and buddies in real life: Tatum, Taylor and Ransom. Tatum was supposed to bottom today for the first time, but he lost his nerve and said he couldn’t do it.

So Taylor felt the call of duty and took Taylor’s place in today’s little orgy we’ve made just for you. Taylor was also an ass virgin and this was his very first time to bottom,

Tatum did a great job as a top as well. He pounded Taylor’s virgin ass with his big dick without mercy and with such force. Ransom also offered his ass to be properly pounded.

The faces that Taylor makes while being fucked by other guys are …. priceless. There was some kind of poetic justice in watching him on the receiving end after he had fucked so many other guys with his big cock.


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