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Breeder Fuckers – Hetero Artur Gets Manhandled & Fucked By His Superiors

by on Dec.12, 2012, under BreederFuckers

Straight dude Artur had no idea what would happen to him when he came to Breeder Fuckers. Cruel Master Dave has already trained him in several ways to become an obedient and submissive cocksucker who will unquestionably be always of service to other men that are more masculine than himself.

Artur’s big, heavy dick gets manhandled and squeezed through his trackies by Dave. We already anticipate there’s going to be a lot of nastier things to follow. Dave orders Artur to strip down and expose his manly body for further inspection. We can enjoy in the sight of this naked straight man while he’s being tortured and manhandled by more aggressive men than himself.

Cruel Master Adrian takes Artur’s dick and puts several fingers up his virgin, hairy, hetero butt. Adrian keeps a tight hold on Artur’s hands and doesn’t allow him to move, then suddenly sticks a large dildo up Artur’s asshole. This sends shivers throughout Artur’s body and he slowly becomes aware of his inability to stand up to the mistreatment incurred by his strict Masters.

The Masters think that this straight lad needs more discipline and they start fucking him hard. They even force him to play and squeeze his own nips, but when he proves to be incapable of good nip squeezing, Adrian steps in and squeezes Artur’s nipples so hard that the poor straight lad can only squeal, moan and beg for mercy. The masters put his balls in a nut sack and tie them up, so that they balloon out while they’re fucking him mercilessly.

The poor, pitiful bastard will remember this training session for a long time to come.


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CMNM – Young Artur Gets Thoroughly Inspected in his Job Interview

by on Aug.24, 2012, under CMNM

Here in the Mancastle Chamber of Commerce we have a monthly gathering of high-powered business leaders. They gather regularly to interview prospective new members, and this time it’s young Artur.

This young dude is very well-built, has quite a bit of muscles and he is an all-around hot stud. The only problem that the business leaders see about him is that he still doesn’t speak English perfectly, and is a bit dim.

But who cares about that when his flat muscled stomach and that tight virgin asshole are so perfect. The business leaders are unanimous that the boy warrants more inspections and possible some additional training, after which they will decide whether to give him the job.

But judging from the anal probing results and the smell of his cock, this young dude is going to get far.


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