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Colt Studio Group – Masculine & Bearded Muscle God Bob Hager

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If I were a god, and wanted to come to the Earth as a man, I would choose a body similar to Bob Hager’s. Well, seriously, I think it’s flawless, and he does look like some sort of god. Not only is his whole body perfectly proportioned and with just the right amount of muscles. His chest is pretty hairy and his arms are strong. His legs are hairy and very muscled. But oh that beard – it makes him manly as fuck.

It is scorching heat outside in our California retreat and Bob Hager is relaxing in the swimming pool. When he emerges from the water the hot sun rays make his whole body very warm and he feels the heat travelling through his veins. Soon enough the heat causes his dick to spring to life, he takes it in his hand and begins to stroke it slowly.

Bob is in no hurry, and he wants to feel every little pleasurable moment of this sunny day. He touches himself slowly on all the erogenous zones. He turns his ass to the cameraman and gives us a great view of his furry butt. He inserts a finger in the ass crack, massaging that hole slowly.

He is still hard and his cock is throbbing like mad. He lies on the floor and begins to stroke his cock faster. After some time he shoots a nice, big load of cum.

He smiles cheekily and goes back into the water. Perfect jerkoff video for these long, pleasant summer days.

Preview video:

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Colt Studio Group is a porn site that has been around for a very long time. You may have heard about them as early as 1980s because they have been shooting hot masculine studs for a while now. Their vault is full of the manliest mofos and in that department they can hardly be outdone.


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