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Straight Dude Leo’s First Experience With Another Man

by on May.10, 2013, under English Lads

Some straight guys are truly a hard nut to break, so to speak. They won’t do any gay stuff for months, even years. Some never decide to do anything with another guy, but some do. For Leo it took a lot of persuading and trying. Different approaches to gay stuff, just to finally bring him together with another dude. And you know what? It always turns out that it wasn’t so hard or bad as these straight men thought it would be. And they’re invariably delighted that they can also enjoy sexual stimulation with another dude instead of only waiting for the whole thing to be over.

Leo already had done several solo shoots for us. I was somehow concerned that that would be the last things we saw from him, but luckily the urge to know more and experience gay sex was far stronger for this genuinely straight dude.

Our resident gay dude, Dan Broughton, wasted no time as soon as his hands got a hold of Leo’s muscular body. He gave Leo a nice, sensuous massage first, especially checking out his bubble butt cheeks. Dan even pulled them apart for a moment, and I wonder if we’ll ever see something go inside there, like ever? Maybe yes, but probably not.

Anyway, Dan moves on to Leo’s cock and gives it proper attention. Leo was totally surprised that his cock reacted with such enthusiasm to Dan’s massage and sprang to life in no time! It’s quite a mouthful of cock, measuring almost 8 inches when it gets hard (20 cm).

It seemed as if Leo the master of his body was no longer in charge. Dan’s masterful hands had their way with this straight hunk and Leo could only try to postpone his cumming because it felt so nice. Leo finally shoots his wad and it was a really big cumshot, the seed shots covered all of his pubes and six pack abs. Finally, this straight boy has a first-hand experience with another dude and he knows it doesn’t hurt, on the contrary.


On the other hand, we had such a great fun with straight lad Brendan. He is a young straight dude and he already did some shoots for another site. But today he said he’d like to try something more, such as putting some dildos up his straight ass. Dildos are neutral because they are not attached to any person, but they can give a man such a stimulus that it can be indistinguishable from a real cock up his ass.

As soon as he arrived, Brendan said he was horny as hell. First he shows us his biceps and his entire torso, which look pretty good.

When he lay down on the bed he didn’t waste any time and reached for the dildos right away. We can clearly see a tent in his pants and soon enough his boxers are gone.

Now he’s rubbing in some oil into his asshole, all covered with manly bush. The first dildo to penetrate his manhole is some gold dildo and by his face expression I think he liked it a lot.

Then he moves on all fours and picks up a purple dildo. We see more of his hard throbbing cock now. There was a helping hand nearby so it’s no wonder that he shot his load pretty soon after.

Although Brendan looks quite innocent in the beginning, you can tell by his smug smirk towards the end of the shoot that he’s no longer an inexperienced, innocent boy.


Straight dude Brendan Middleton experiments with dildos.


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