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Hunky and Sexy Chris Hemsworth Plays Thor, the God of Thunder

by on Apr.21, 2011, under Uncategorized

Wow! That was the only word I could utter when I first saw the first two pics here. Australian-born actor Chris Hemsworth is going to play Thor, the god of thunder (according to the Norse mythology).

As you can clearly see on the pics, he’s one helluva stud, very handsome and now for this role he had to bulk up his muscles considerably. Actually, he even got “too big” so he couldn’t fit into his Thor suit well… so he had to ease up a bit on getting bigger and stronger!

For those who’d like to know more about his work-out routine and diet (how in the hell he managed to become so big?), not every detail is known, but this is what I’ve read:

Chris gained as much as 20lbs to play Thor. He probably did a lot of compound exercises to fully develop his body. On top of that, considering his size and definition, he probably had to perform a lot of low rep, heavy weight training.

Hemsworth also ate a lot of lean meat (e.g. chicken breasts) and vegetables, and slept a lot. Sleep is essential if you want to gain muscle because your body builds muscle while you sleep.

thor hemsworth looks
chris hemsworth thor sin camiseta shirtless

He is sexy as hell in this role, too.


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