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Dirty Tony – Krys Fucks Devin’s Tight Hetero Ass & Makes Devin Shout

by on Jun.03, 2011, under Dirty Tony

Devin Draz is a hetero (or bi) married guy who found out he could easily earn some additional money by fucking with hot men for gay porn sites. Devin is definitely a hunky guy, aggressive in nature and a good lover and fucker, as his many bottom guys have found out.

But this time the roles are reversed, and Devin is going to get pummeled by another young stallion in our stable of studs – Krys Perez. Both are domineering motherfuckers and I was eager to see who’s gonna be whose bitch, so to speak.

As soon as they met, they began to exchange stories about their home states – Texas and Arizona. Soon enough the conversation shifts to sexual matters and I already get a feeling these two are going to have a fun time together. Devin acts in his typical commanding way and ends the conversation by kissing Krys. 

While their tongues are intertwined with each other they begin rubbing each other until Krys decides it’s time to get that big Devin’s throbbing dick inside his mouth and give it a nice, wet, long blowjob. Actually Krys was such a good cocksucker that Devin started to shout out in pleasure.

Wanting to return the favour, Devin takes off his pants and gets on all fours to give Krys a good view of his pink manhole that awaits to be properly ravaged by his cock. But first, returning the favor. Devin takes Krys’ hard cock inside his mouth and starts giving him a blowjob to remember. With every heartbeat Krys’ cock becomes harder and harder and gets deeper inside Devin’s throat.

Krys commands Devin to turn 180 degrees around and remain on all fours so that his ass remains well spread out for his imminent penetration.

He first spits onto Devin’s rectum to give it some lube, and rubs his cockhead against the rim of Devin’s crack. Devin knows that pain and pleasure await him, but first the pain that comes from his tight asshole being plowed by such a massive dick.

Krys pounds away this tight, hetero manhole, and does it with a gusto. It doesn’t happen so often that one can drill a straight guy’s hole so brutally hard. But Devin is loving it, he wasn’t prepared for such a massive amount of pleasure coming from his insides. Devin thought all the happiness lies within being the top, but now he discovers the ultimate pleasures of being the bottom and taking the man’s cock as deep as possible.

Krys cums onto Devin’s muscular stomach, and soon enough Devin can’t hold any longer and a massive amount of hot jizz erupts from his dick and ends on his stomach and chest.

Well, this was certainly one explosive fuck session. Don’t miss it, both guys are hot and they certainly know how to fuck.


Short preview video:

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Dirty Tony is a fantastic site for lovers of aggressive hardcore fucking and hot, masculine men.


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Dirty Tony – Aggressive Fucker Devin Draz Deflowers Rico’s Straight Virgin Asshole

by on Mar.27, 2011, under Dirty Tony

Rico is a hot newcomer to the porn business and I can already tell that this boy is going to get big. Rico is a complete virgin when it comes to gay sex, so…. who shall we pair him with?

The obvious answer is Devin Draz, one of the hunkiest men from our stable of men, and a very good, aggressive fucker at that.

Devin was a fantastic match and delivered a breathtaking fucking session, I believe that even Rico didn’t expect things to go so well and smoothly.

Devin fucked Rico’s ass real hard and good, and in the end he cums all over Rico’s eager face. A scene not to be missed for sure.


Extended preview video:

Click here to watch Devin pounding Rico’s virgin ass in perfect HD quality at Dirty Tony!

Dirty Tony is a fantastic site for lovers of aggressive hardcore fucking and hot, masculine men.

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CockSureMen – Big, Cocky Stud Devin Draz Pounded By Shay Micheals

by on Mar.21, 2011, under CockSureMen

Devin Draz reminds me of Roman gladiators. He has broad shoulders, massive arms and chest muscles, goatee and masculine look. His sword is a good 7,5 inches long and works perfectly every time!

Devin has just found a new perfect fuck buddy when he met Shay Michaels, a guy who is equally manly. Shay sports a great looking buzz-cut, goatee and a ripped torso.

Sucking on Devin’s hard cock isn’t an easy job to do, but Shay manages to remain up to task. Devin is usally the top guy who fucks others, but this time the roles are reversed and we can watch this favorite stud getting pummeled into the ass brutally by his newly found fuck-buddy.

Pay attention to massive loads they shoot at the end.


Click here to watch their entire video at Cock Sure Men!

Cock Sure Men is a great site with tons of hottest, manly and often straight guys which have insatiable sexual appetites. Watch them as they pound each other hard and raw with the explosive masculine energy.


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Dirty Tony – Muscular Tops Devin & Roman Tag-team Hunky Jeremy Tyler

by on Mar.11, 2011, under Dirty Tony


I left handsome stud Jeremy Tyler, who came all the way from New York, with two muscled top fuckers, Devin Draz and Roman Rivers. Oh my god, did the boys make a mess….

The three guys start off by retelling each other sweaty, dirty stories about the people they would really like to fuck, and what tricks they usually use to bring them into the bedroom.

When we told Jeremy that he’s soon going to become sandwiched between two aggressive and muscular tops has only made him even hornier than he was, so he starts rubbing Devin’s crotch through his pants, during which time Roman scrutinizes Jeremy.

Devin is as loud and aggressive motherfucker as he’s always been and he rudely tears apart his shirt and gives orders that his swollen nipples are to be sucked without delay. Soon Jeremy manages to set Devin’s hard cock free, and it slaps against Devin’s hard abs. Jeremy quickly takes that hot cock into his mouth while Devin uses the opportunity to thrust viciously upwards, fucking his poor uvula like he were a kickboxer training for a big upcoming fight.

Jeremy then turns to Roman taking his amazing big fuckstick all the way to the nether depths of his throat, and also gives thorough sucking and licking to Roman’s swollen balls.

Devin slams into Jeremy’s super-tight asshole and fucks him very brutally, just destroying every hint that that ass has ever been a man-virgin ass.

Roman now bangs Jeremy’s gaping hole with his massive schlong, and Devin stands above him sliding his iron-hard weapon into Jeremy’s throat. Now that really made Devin more horny than he was, and he now wants to fuck more man ass.

Devin pushes again his fuck stick into Jeremy, it now enters quite easily after the two tops have stretched it properly.

Both fuckers cum onto Jeremy’s face, thus ending this amazingly hot fucking session in their characteristic style – complete submission of the bottom person. But Jeremy enjoyed it a lot.


Short preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in perfect HD quality at Dirty Tony!

If you are into straight guys and hardcore action, you should certainly check out Dirty Tony because this guy collects some of the manliest specimens and pays them to jerk off or fuck each other. Very hot site with lots of dirty, hardcore action!

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Dirty Tony–Devin Draz Bangs Clayton Archer And Cums On His Face

by on Feb.12, 2011, under Dirty Tony

Devin Draz belongs to that rare group of distinctly masculine and aggressive tops that capture your attention after the first viewing and then you can hardly get them out of your head.

Clayton has been looking forward to getting pounded by Devin’s big hard dick for quite some time, so there is a spark in his eye when he starts talking with Devin. The duo starts by sucking each other’s dick. Devin has become a really good cocksucker by now, for a straight guy his cocksucking skills are really excellent. Clayton returns the favor by gulping and slobbering on Devin’s hard dick.

Now Devin sticks his fuck stick into Clayton’s ever eager tight asshole and pounds him relentlessly for quite some time in various positions. Clayton receives a really big and messy cumshot in the end – Devin strikes him right into the face and a lot of it ends up on Clayton’s furry muscled chest as well!

This fucking scene is fantastic and will surely set your hormones into an overdrive.


Short preview video:

Click here to watch their whole video at Dirty Tony – a fantastic site for lovers of aggressive hardcore fucking and hot, masculine men.

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Aggressive Fucker Devin Bangs Micah Hard And Dirty

by on Oct.26, 2010, under Dirty Tony

Devin’s no novice when it comes to plowing some hot little ass on my couch. And Micah is definitely a hot blonde piece. He’s toned, has a nice thick cock and loves sex, whether you’re a chick or a dude. He likes to play dirty, just the way that I like them. Micah and Devin spent a little while talking about chicks and sex. But Devin seemed more interested in pounding the smooth hole that had been presented to him. He’s aggressive, and Micah likes to be slapped around. Devin ripped open Micah’s jeans and slapped the blonde boy’s dick around, getting him good and hard before he started sucking the pink present before him. Not satisfied without getting a taste of Devin’s cock, Micah got Devin onto his feet and pulled out the muscle stud’s rod. He spent a good while working up and down Devin’s sizable cock, swallowing every last inch and begging for more.

Devin just kept slapping his new bitch around, letting him know just how he wanted his dick sucked. Finally Micah couldn’t wait to get Devin’s cock up his ass any longer and he took the initiative to slide right onto his pole. On all fours, with Devin sitting back on the couch, Micah rode up and down Devin’s member, getting it as deep in as he could possibly go, all the while Devin thrusting back against the blonde’s attempts. Like I said, Devin’s aggressive and Micah relished in it, getting his face slapped and being man-handled by the muscled top.

Devin forced Micah’s face down into the carpet and fucked his ass good and hard, holding his hands taught around the boys throat. Devin worked himself up to climax, pounding relentlessly before pulling out, tearing the condom off and spraying stream after stream all over Micah’s pretty little face and mouth. Micah, excited to be covered in cum, unleashed his own load, up his arm and all over his chest. This is some rough, DIRTY sex, just the way I like it.




Short preview video:

Click here to watch the whole video with these two oversexed males fucking each other like there’s no tomorrow at DirtyTony!

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Devin Draz Fucks Luke Extremely Hard And Dirty

by on Sep.03, 2010, under Dirty Tony

Big, hot, muscle-bound guys fucking. Nothing wrong with that in my book. Devin is so good at being a top, talking dirty, and manhandling his fuck buddies. I love to watch him fuck. Luke is a broad chested college co-ed, who is new to the business, but very experienced in the fucking department. Devin and Luke have some chat time on the couch, and get to know each other a little before they get down to business. After some deep kissing, muscle worship, and swollen pec (and pecker) grabbing commences, Devin starts off with blowing Luke.

Devin is aggressive even while giving a blowjob, I love that guy! While he is giving head, brawny and beautiful Luke gets so riled up that pre-cum starts falling out of the tip of his cock and sticks to his six-pack. Some major fucking comes next. Two giant guys fucking hard and long. Luke rides Devin’s cock like there is no tomorrow until Devin flips him over and slams him into missionary. Then things really get hot! Devin wants all the way into that muscular ass, he spins Luke onto the carpet and drills him pile-driver style.


Short preview video:

Wow, Luke is so turned on, he even cums upside down-shooting himself in the chin! Devin pulls out and finishes on Luke’s face, covering him in man-seed. “Wow”, is all I can say after watching this one.

Click here to watch this whole movie with scorching hot studs and unbeliveably aggressive action PLUS hundreds of other superhot and extreme hardcore movies available only at DirtyTony!

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