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Brutal Tops – Cruel Masters Bully Soldiers In The Barracks

by on Jan.22, 2012, under Brutal Tops

Dominants Masters are in the mood for some nasty and cruel games today. They are in their daily inspection in the local barracks, watching whether the soldiers there are obedient and submissive enough.

The Masters think that it’s high time they played the game of soggy biscuit. Namely, all three men who participate in the game will cum onto the biscuit and the soldier who is getting disciplined will have to eat the cum-drenched biscuit.

First the Masters bully the soldier and make him play with himself. They undress him until he is completely naked so that they can see his perfectly muscled body. Then they push and shove their cocks into his face. The fact that they are abusing and torturing these young, strong and muscled soldiers makes the Masters exceptionally horny and aroused. It gives them great pleasure to know that these aggressive uniformed men will have to obey their commands.

The soldier who was getting disciplined was eventually forced to eat the biscuit along with the sperm of the other soldiers. This helps maintain discipline and remind the soldiers that there is always a higher authority above them.


Short preview video:

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Straight Hell – Overly Proud Tennis Player Gabriel Face-Fucked, Flogged & Completely Humiliated

by on Jun.03, 2011, under BreederFuckers

Gabriel is a rising and promising tennis player who has become a bit too conceited and lulled into his own success. Time to show him some discipline and pain, thought Straighthell tops Adrian and Dave!

They bound him with ropes so he can’t escape and they’re forcing their hard cocks into his mouth. This poor straight lad is left completely humiliated, his straight ego violently shattered because Adrian and Dave leave no stone unturned.

They bound his dick with his nipples so he can’t move much, and if he does it produces a sharp, excruciating pain.

It turns out this self-conceited straight boy was a relatively easy nut to crack, especially when Dave and Adrian started to whip the boy’s naked feet with a cane.

To round things up these pervy men keep Gabriel’s mouth open and piss down this overly proud straight dude’s throat.


Short preview video:

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