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Handsome Innocent-Looking Choir Boy Lucas Gets Thoroughly Inspected By Pervy Gentlemen

by on Jun.05, 2015, under CMNM

Lucas is about to join the boy choir and has been given a special suit just for that occasion. An older gentleman seems to be trying to measure some distance between Lucas’ leg and crotch, but his pervy hand often touches Lucas’ private parts! Imagine that!

Lucas is now torn between feelings of being super proud as a member of the official boy choir and feelings of shame and complete embarrassment as these demonstrably pervy men seem to want to touch his beloved male genitals. There’s obviously no higher justice in this world because it’s not fair that this long awaited and long cherished moment should suddenly turn into something so dirty, worldly and horny. Furthermore, the pervy men don’t stop at just touching him – they whip out their big hard cocks and start stroking them only a few centimeters in front of the boy’s astonished, innocent face. No wonder that he’s unable to achieve his usual, melodious voice now.

He shouldn’t be distressed about this too much, though. The pervy gentlemen have a solution to the problem in their pants, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to watch the sequel to the story, in which the hung clothed gentlemen will attempt to clear the boy’s throat using some rather unusual methods.


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Clothed Male / Naked Male (CMNM) is a superhot porn site where Nervous straight guys get stripped naked, groped and violated by fully clothed men.

There’s nothing better than stripping straight lads completely nude, putting their bodies on display, and teaching them exactly how to submit! When they are in such a submissive position, one would be crazy not to use the opportunity and jerk them off!


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Horny Aggressive Master Jack Trains His New Sub Boy Elliot

by on Jan.23, 2015, under Brutal Tops

Master Jack is super horny and doesn’t want to hear any excuses from his pathetic sub, Elliot. We find them both naked in a seedy room, with Master Jack sporting a huge erection. That cock obviously needs sucking so he shoves it, rather insensitively, into Elliot’s throat. Poor sub must obey his master and swallows the entire shaft. Then he is made to get on all fours and open his asshole for Master’s penetration. Horny Master Jack is all too happy to demolish that tight sub’s ass and stretch it beyond its former limits.

Master puts his sub into several submissive positions before he’s done with his ass. Evenutally, while Master Jack is pounding away at the sub’s ass while the sub is lying on his back, Jack suddenly pulls out and shoots his load all over the poor sub’s face. Jack tells his sub to lick his cock squeaky clean and to swallow every drop of his jizz.


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Brutal Tops is a fantastic site for lovers of the most ferocious sexually aggressive doms in the world. These dominant men love to give orders which have to be obeyed!

Where Dominant Men Take Charge

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Hot Young Missionaries Elder Hardt & Elder Jordan Wrestle Naked

by on Sep.12, 2014, under MormonBoyz

Elder Hardt and Elder Jordan are two young missionaries who got an assignment to study the Book of Enos together today. Enos was a prophet in The Book of Mormon who went on rambling on and on about his struggle with his lower self while he was forcing himself to be accepted by God and that his sins may be forgiven. This internal struggle is described as a sort of wrestling with himself during his soul’s purgatory and torment.

However, this imagery quickly brings another type of wrestling in Elder Jordan’s mind – the images of real wrestling with his sexy missionary colleague. Similarities and synchronicities soon appear obvious when Jordan realizes that even Joseph Smith, who was the main founder of the Mormon Church, also used to wrestle in his ordinary life and beat many opponents. This memory from his history lessons quickly assuage his worries regarding whether his thoughts about wrestling with his friend would be acceptable. Considering the fact that a prophet was a wrestler in its physical sense in ordinary life, then his followers are free to choose to practice that sport themselves, too.

So Elder Jordan asks his companion, "Do you ever horse around?" and Elder Hardt seemed to have understood exactly what Elder Jordan meant by that – some nasty, kinky wrestling. The guys take off their missionary shoes and prepare for wrestling. Elder Hardt already suspects that this is going to end up with some kind of sexual thing, but he doesn’t want to spoil the surprise and doesn’t expect anything in particular.

So Elder Hardt puts his companion into a doggy position and mounts onto him, saying victoriously "You’re in the bottom position, and I’m on top." He grabs his companion at the belly and arm and holds him very fast and hard. Both guys are pretty strong physically and I’d say they were quite evenly matched. Elder Hardt thinks that despite the strength of his opponent, he’ll prevail and get on the top in the end. Elder Jordan is now confronted with two things – his ass is high up in the air and his dick suddenly wakes up and irresistibly starts growing in his underwear. He doesn’t want to be the first one to be obviously sexually aroused and knows that if his dick becomes rock hard it’s going to be a clear giveaway sign.

Elder Jordan thinks that they should both remove their official clothes so that they don’t damage them. Left in just their underwear the guys look even sexier and we can clearly see their muscular bodies. The guys engage in a fight again and now Elder Jordan is obviously sporting the first sight of the boner while Elder Hardt can clearly feel his opponent’s cock near his ass. The guys realize that they’re both getting hard, and they’re unable to stop it now (nor do they wish to) .

The next round proved to be much dirtier and more aggressive than the first one. Elder Jordan wants to win at every cost and end up triumphant on top of his colleague, but Elder Hardt is not one of those who gives up so easily. A few more moves and now Elder Jordan’s face is practically shoved into Elder Hardt’s ass. As Elder Hardt is getting himself free from this grip his huge dick slips out of the underwear’s fly!

Elder Jordan finally triumphs over his opponent by sitting on his chest and pushing his legs high up in the air. Elder Hardt finds this defeat funny and bursts into a wild laughter. "I think you got me," says Elder Hardt and Elder Jordan releases him from the grip. Both guys are panting and breathing heavily.

Elder Jordan suggests that the boys have another round of wrestling, but since their underwear is so prone to getting smelly from their sweat, they decide to get rid of the underwear, too. So, now the boys are wrestling totally naked, the ancient Greek style. Their thick cocks are dangling in all directions while the boys are fighting each other. Elder Hardt manages to get behind his opponent for the third time today, grabbing his sweaty back with one hand and his sweaty arm with the other. Elder Hardt’s cock is now touching his opponent’s ass. These boys really mean business and they’re not gentle with each other. There’s a lot of rough clutches and moves, and the boys are exploring each other’s naked body this way too. Eventually, Elder Jordan pushes Elder Hardt to the floor and immobilizes him there. But Elder Hardt has another strategy this time – he climbs on top and spreads Elder Jordan’s butt cheeks and examines his hole from up close. This was a big blow for Elder Jordan’s sense of superiority because in such a position a man feels that his ass is potentially compromised.

Elder Hardt’s cock shamelessly grows to its full size. The physical proximity and rough physical play of his manly companion has made him excited. Elder Jordan is now hard as well, and both boys don’t mind if their boners become obvious to each other. Elder Hardt manages to put his legs around Elder Jordan’s neck and so his opponent has been immobilized. Elder Hardt is now the winner and as a sign of his dominant position he puts his hard cock right in the middle of his opponent stomach… and pushes it closer to his face. Elder Hardt takes his dick in his hand and jacks it off. At that moment Elder Jordan says "Are you going to do a victory dance all over me?" and instead of the answer Elder Hardt shoots his load all over his opponent’s chest.

Well, one thing is for sure – now the boys have a bit better understanding of prophet Enos and what his wrestling was all about.


Preview video:

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150x200_9_x_hung_mormon_missionaries MBzNwsLtr3
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Horny Missionaries Elder Kensington & Elder Miller Fuck Each Other Raw & Deep

by on Jul.22, 2014, under MormonBoyz

Elder Kensington has a secret obsession in his mind. The object of this obsession is, of course, his missionary buddy Elder Miller. Ever since the day when he secretly sniffed the scent of Elder Miller’s sweat on his clothes Elder Kensington just couldn’t get him out of his mind. In his daydreams he would imagine reaching for Elder Miller’s big hard cock in his pants and doing all kind of things with his ripped masculine body.

As luck would have it, one day these two young missionaries were sent to visit the ward mission leader’s house. Elder Kensington could not not notice that Elder Miller had a raging hardon in his pants. No matter how hard Elder Miller tried to hide his embarrassing wood, for Elder Kensington it was obvious and clear as a sunny day. Elder Kensington thought that the matter can and should be resolved during a companionship inventory. Namely, when two or more young missionaries have some issue to resolve, they usually resort to a companionship inventory and they sort out their differences.

When they arrived home, Elder Kensington admits that he’s got a big boner in his pants. Allegedly it’s because of a woman that they saw together, and Elder Miller says that he also had a raging erection caused by that woman, but that he isn’t hard anymore. Elder Miller thinks it’s interesting that Elder Kensington is still hard, and wants to see Elder Kensington’s erect dick with his own eyes. Namely, the two missionaries must share all their secrets in order to be true to themselves. As soon as Elder Kensington whips out his hard cock, Elder Miller seems to become spellbound by it and instinctively swallows it.

Well, one thing leads to another and soon enough Elder Miller receives Elder Kensington’s cock in his bare ass. He fucks Elder Miller’s ass for some time, slowly and passionately, penetrating him deep in the process. Then the guys change roles and now Elder Miller fucks Elder Kensington, also slowly and passionately and the two guys kiss a lot. Then the tables are turned again and Elder Kensington fucks his missionary buddy in the ass for some time. There’s an explosive finish to this story, but I will leave you to find it by yourself in the complete video.


Preview video:

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150x200_9_x_hung_mormon_missionaries MBzNwsLtr3
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Hot Blue-Collar Worker Gary Wants To Become A Male Stripper

by on Feb.22, 2014, under CFNM TV

This is an obscure episode of CFNMTV that is being released for the first time. The horny pervy women have made several auditions in an attempt to hire brand new male strippers.

Gary is a blue-collar worker who wants to make it big in the strippers business. We find him in the factory’s locker room where he’s taking off his work uniform and thinking about going to the audition for the new male strippers that is being held in a down town club.

Gary knows that there are many more guys who want the same thing as he, and that the competition is going to be very strong. The women in the casting room are eager to drive the men who are in the audition out of their comfort zone and make them loosen their inhibitions. The ladies know that these men can do much better and they’re cheering them up and encouraging them to let go of any remaining shyness.


Preview video:

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CFNM TV is a brand new site from the creators of sites such as CFNM, Brutal Tops, Breeder Fuckers, The Casting Room and CMNM. If full-length videos of hung masculine men being dominated by beautiful horny women turns you on, you’re certainly going to enjoy this site. It is actually the video site specific CFNM site that’s made especially for those who prefer videos to photo stories.


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Feisty Hot Traveller Michael Is At The Mercy Of Stern Female Customs Officers

by on Aug.21, 2013, under CFNM

Michael is travelling to his favorite holiday destination, when he suddenly finds himself detained by stern female customs officers. The first part of this story is here.

Now the women are angry because the young lad doesn’t want to allow them to search him naked, but he has to comply eventually. The female officers remove all his clothes and tell him to bend over so they can inspect his ass cheeks and asshole. This otherwise cocky and arrogant dude is now forced to endure all this humiliation without saying a word.

Michael’s cock starts growing an erection and in a few seconds he is fully erect, all those female hands touching him were too much handle and he couldn’t stop getting hard. The females also inspect his fully hard throbbing dick with gloves, as if it were the evidence of some sort that they were looking for. Then they focus on his tight, virgin, pink asshole and probe it with their fingers.


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Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM) is a very hot site for lovers of truly straight guys. It’s a little tongue in cheek but the men are fuckingly hot!

Clothed Females Naked Male

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"Like Father Like Son" – Mr. Turner’s Gets Inspected By Female Teachers

by on Jan.02, 2013, under CFNM

We continue our story about Mr Turner and his naughty son Barry which we started several weeks ago. You can read the first part here.

It’s the Parent’s Evening in Barry’s school and several female teachers are around Barry, inspecting him. His father Mr Turner is shocked when he finds out that Barry ejaculated in front of his teachers. Mr Turner wants to take his son home and teach him a lesson, but the female teachers are adamant in their wish to keep both Barry and his father there and punish them accordingly.

Mr Turner’s clothes are removed within a blink of an eye and the inquisitive women are now free to explore his strong, masculine and muscled body from head to toe. Only a few minutes after his clothes were removed, Mr Turner himself gets a large boner against his will. The women are more than pleased to see that there is really no big difference between the father and the son. "Like father like son", the female teachers comment among themselves and happily laugh at the desperately horny two men.


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Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM) is a very hot site for lovers of truly straight guys. It’s a little tongue in cheek but the men are fuckingly hot!

Clothed Females Naked Male

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CFNM – Confident Businessman Leonard Gets Examined By Horny Girls

by on Jul.29, 2012, under CFNM

Leonard is a self-assured businessman. Today he was taking a shower in a hotel, and when he came out of the bathroom to take the towel he finds himself surrounded by several hot girls.

This stud is not the one to say "no" to hot girls and he allows them to play a bit with his body and cock. As soon as the girls start touching his cock it grows to its full erect size.

This pleasant distraction was too much for him to bear and after a few minutes he has to bust his nut. The girls are impressed by him and promise they will return the next day to examine him further!


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Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM) is a very hot site for lovers of truly straight guys. It’s a little tongue in cheek but the men are fuckingly hot!


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Straight Hell – Teaching Would-Be Footballer Jordan Strict Discipline

by on Jan.26, 2012, under BreederFuckers

New at StraightHell Jordan is trussed up in his football kit. Adrian gets an aching hard-on pervily stroking his muscular body and package over the slick silky gear. Adrian humbles this straight cunt by making Jordan stroke his erection over his jeans.

He tests those dark circular nipples by pinching them and attaching biting clamps. Jordan’s long luscious hair comes in handy for holding onto while smacking his balls or teaching him how to deep throat dick.

Adrian’s cock is soon slick with Jordan’s juicy saliva. Dave demands that this hetero serves his dick while Adrian invasively fingers Jordan’s tight asshole readying him for a right hard fucking.


Short preview video:

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If you prefer your porn to be on the kinkier side, you should definitely check out StraightHell, a site devoted to hot straight guys being tormented, humiliated and treated without mercy by big mean studs!


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CFNM – Confident Businesswoman Has Young Yuris By The Balls

by on Jan.02, 2012, under CFNM

Confident businesswoman Laura works in a big and successful company. The owner is a rich and influential man and has a son named Yuris. Laura has been noticing this young man for quite a while and has been plotting how to ensnare him.

Today she finally made it, and she has Yuris by the balls. She stripped him naked and wants to fuck him up the ass with a strap-on. This young hot boy doesn’t mind being abused by gorgeous women like Laura one little bit. He always gets totally hard when beautiful women tease and provoke him.

Laura works on his nice cock for some time until he shoots a big creamy load of cum all over his belly and her hand.

From now on, this young upstart will know that nobody compares to mature, confident women like Laura.


Click here to watch the whole video and see what happened with Yuris at CFNM (Clothed Female/Nude Male)!

Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM) is a very hot site for lovers of truly straight guys. It’s a little tongue in cheek but the men are fuckingly hot!


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