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Beefy Married Marine Avery Gets His First Gay Blowjob

by on Jan.02, 2016, under SpunkWorthy

Avery wasn’t an easy nut to crack when it comes to persuading him to get his cock serviced by a man, but after quite some time and quite a bit of cold, hard cash he agreed to broaden his horizons and take the next step into the unknown. We wanted to make this a special occasion, one that he would hopefully fondly remember for a long time, so we decided to call our our old friend Jake Cruise, who is an undisputed specialist for servicing younger straight dudes’ cocks!

Jake has a way of making these nervous straight men at ease, and within minutes he managed to make Avery totally relaxed and horny. He unzipped Avery’s shorts and, as soon as Avery’s cock came into the full view, Jake began to shower Avery with compliments regarding the size and shape of his cock. Avery seemed to be in some kind of state of being dumbfounded or confused at first, but a bit later he put his hand on Jake’s head and started to direct him the way he wanted the blowjob to go.

This video is very instructive if you want to know the "basics of servicing a nervous straight marine’s cock" – Jake Cruise explains in this video all the steps in great detail. It does seem as if Avery was somewhat confused between the pleasant feelings of getting an expert blowjob and the fact that it was a man who was sucking his cock for the first time ever. In other words, it was something like… "this isn’t supposed to feel good, but it does".

I’m quite sure Jake enjoyed every second of being face-fucked by Avery’s determined hand and cock, then he told Avery to bend over so he could service his ass as well. Although we are not entirely sure, I think this was also Avery’s first time ever to get rimmed professionally. Somehow I doubt his wife would do such a thing. Judging by his enthusiastic movements and face expressions, I think he enjoyed it.

Finally, Jake lies down on the couch and lets Avery straddle his face so he can make him cum. Avery uses his powerful hips and thrusts his dick straight into Jake’s throat. After a few moments, Avery takes his cock into his hand and shoots a nice load of fresh jizz straight into Jake’s eager mouth.


Preview video:

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