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Ripped Officer Huntsman Serviced By Pervy Dude Connor Chesney

by on Sep.26, 2014, under Next Door World

Connor Chesney has a little dirty secret. Apart from being constantly horny, he has a habit of secretly watching his sexy neighbor walking around his house. Often Connor strokes his dick while enjoying the gorgeous sight of his hot neighbor. However, the neighbor has seen him and he suspects that he could be a pervy guy with who knows what on his mind. So he called the police and Officer James Huntsman promised him that he would drop by and investigate the case.

Connor didn’t expect to see a real cop and when officer Hunstman tells him that he would be taken straight downtown for booking, he got really nervous. It turns out, in this country it’s not allowed to secretly spy on your neighbors, so Connor seems to be in real trouble. Officer Hunstman wants to give him just one more chance, but under one condition – he uses his police club to point to the exact spot on his body that needs attention at once. Of course, he’s pointing at his crotch area! Well, would anybody say "no" to officer Huntsman? Nah, I didn’t think so, either.

Connor is a shocked but he agrees to service Officer Huntsman. Faced with Officer Huntsman’s big cock, Connor can’t help but get excited. He takes it out of Officer’s police uniform and becomes fascinated by its size! He puts it into his mouth and tries to determine the taste. It smells and tastes like a real man’s cock, very musky and masculine. Officer Huntsman gets rid of his shirt first, then his pants, and Connor is now able to worship his entire muscular body. Connor realizes that he’s committed an offence and he really needs to repay his debt to the society – embodied in Officer Huntsman’s large pulsating cock.


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Hung, Muscled James Huntsman Pounds His Tailor Luke Milan

by on May.29, 2013, under NextDoorBuddies

James Huntsman really likes to dress up. He likes sporty clothes but for special occasions nothing beats the formal suit. James has a very professional tailor who is well-known around the world. Luke Milan takes pride in the fact that he has uncanny talent for the masculine body and always selects the perfect clothes for every one of his clients.

When James arrived at Luke’s shop, Luke suggested that James took off his present clothes and remain only in the underwear. Luke has been lusting after James Huntsman’s hot body for years, but never knew how to approach him. This time, however, he thinks he knows the way.

Luke makes up a story about a pair of underwear that James really needs to try, that allegedly matches the suit he has chosen. Soon enough James concedes and he’s already in his birthday suit.

Luke finds another excuse and takes James’ huge dick into his mouth. Just as a token of good-will, you know? James is shocked to see that his tailor is now sucking his cock and doing it with such passion that he didn’t have a heart to stop him. For Luke, there is nothing better than a hard man’s cock in his mouth and throat, it’s his religion if you will. He continues to suck on James’ dick like a greedy cocksucker who hasn’t seen dick in years. Luke also has a sizeable cock and jerks it simultaneously while servicing James.

James is a merciless and relentless fucker, just as Luke has been suspecting for years. Once James starts to fuck Luke, it’s so intense that Luke’s faces are just – priceless. Pay attention, Luke is surely enjoying every single thrust and he can feel it up to his throat.

James’ powerful body towers high above Luke while he nails that tailor’s ass hard. Well, having your tailor can have its perks, especially when he’s multitalented like Luke.

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