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Two Hot Soldiers Capture Young Homeless Dude & Train Him

by on Mar.07, 2013, under GayWarGames

Two hot soldiers were having a boring day while on guard. What’s a man to do when he has too much free time but to whip it out of the uniform and jerk off? Or, better yet, jerk off together with your army buddy.

The two soldiers give each other a helping hand, when they suddenly notice a homeless boy who was intently watching them.

They decide to teach this young dude a lesson and start to toss him around and grab him roughly. They order him to suck their cocks and then strip him down, and force him to do the push ups and other physical exercises in the snow. Then they put him in their military truck and take him to their barracks where they would have some more fun with this young guy.

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Prisoner_of_Lust_i1 (31)

Preview video:

Click here to download their entire military video in HD quality at GayWarGames!

GayWarGames is a Russian bareback porn site with a distinct military theme. It has been around for some time, but lately the soldiers are really hot so I wanted to give you guys a preview of what you can find there. The tops are really straight-looking, mean dudes in camo uniform, and I must admit they defo turn me on. I am a sucker for soldiers and military uniform and these uniformed motherfuckers certainly push all the right buttons. The action is set in a fictional country called Thukistan. Apparently, young boys often get abducted by mean, sex-starved soldiers here and get brutally fucked bareback. Hot stuff.


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StagHomme – Mechanic Max Duran Gets Kidnapped & Brutally Fucked

by on Sep.10, 2012, under StagHomme

There’s something hauntingly beautiful and intrinsically hot in these dark stories that involve hot guys in disturbing situations. Stories about kidnapping, criminals, tough guys, sweat, muscles, uniforms, hard cocks and streams of hot cum. Who has never thought about being forcefully taken by a strong hot masculine guy and brutally fucked? I don’t think many people would say that nothing similar ever crossed their mind.

This time round we bring you the first of the several movies with a dark theme. Goran plays a tough rogue who sneaks behind hot mechanic Max Duran, renders him unconscious with chloroform and then binds him as his personal sex slave. He uses handcuffs and electric cables to make sure that Max will not escape from his hard dick.

Goran is very aggressive and I’d say this role suits him best. He is really convincing as a tough criminal and Max Duran was great as well.

Goran forcefully sticks his hard dick into Max’s mouth first and face fucks him without mercy. Goran gives his captive a nice wet blowjob as well, to make him hard and horny and prepare him for the main course of the day.

Goran fucks Max quite aggressively, pushing that nice hard cock of his deep into Max’s ass. Max is writhing, moaning and squeeling from intense pain and pleasure. He is at complete mercy of this aggressive stud.

The men didn’t have even enough time to take off their boots, so you boot lovers might enjoy that part as well.

Goran shot a big pool of cum directly on Max’s chest and thus the first round with his newly found sex slave Max was finished.


Preview video:

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Click here to watch their whole video in perfect HD quality at StagHomme!

Staghomme is an amazingly fresh gay porn site from Spain with completely new and imaginative hardcore porn and hot, very masculine European men which you won’t find anywhere else. This is not bland forgettable porn – it’s something you will want to have on DVD and watch many times! They basically cover all the dirtiest fantasies you could ever come up with!


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