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Dumb Handsome Straight Lad Yuris Gets Captured & Trained Hard By Pervy Men

by on Nov.18, 2015, under BreederFuckers

Handsome straight lad Yuris wanted to get easy with his work and decided to go out early. He proceeded to the nearby pub where he ordered his usual pint of beer. Little did he know that he was followed by two very pervy men who had some quite disturbing plans about what to do with him. They caught him in the men’s room which is situated in the pub’s stinky basement. The pervy men blocked the door, tied him up and from that point on, he was all theirs.

Completely immobilized and helpless, Yuris’ butt gets stripped of clothes and fully exposed for these pervy men to do with it whatever they please. It’s poignant, isn’t it… just a few minutes ago this manly dude was strutting his stuff in the pub as if he was a lord of the manor, and now he’s totally exposed and defenseless against these rude intruders. The pervy men proceed to blow Yuris’ cock and examine his straight asshole with their tongues. Yuris keeps on moaning and groaning like a motherfucker, but the pervy men are relentless in their intention to train and subjugate this masculine dude. Yuris’ asshole is so tight that the pervy men had to stick their fingers really hard inside in order to loose his sphincter.

Of course, as you’d expect from a feisty straight lad, he quickly resorts to insults, calling his captors fags and so on. The pervy men are unmoved, however, and continue to probe his straight arsehole. And so, right there in the middle of the stinky toilet, Yuris is going to feel how it feels like to have your ass penetrated for the first time. Yuris is forced to lick and service one of the pervy men’s asses at the same time, which further completes his utter humiliation. At times, when the wind carries the sound of the lads talking loudly in the pub gets stronger, Yuris’ thoughts shift there and he regretfully thinks of the good old times when he was there too. But the reality is now much different: he’s behind the locked doors, and his overpriced hetero ass gets more and more demolished with each passing moment.


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