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Hot Married Military Stud Avery At His First Porn Shoot

by on Oct.03, 2015, under SpunkWorthy

Avery is a hot masculine military stud who has been thinking about trying his luck in porn for quite some time. This 23-year-old muscled soldier admits that starring in a porn movie with lots of hot chicks has  been his obsession for at least two years, and he did tell us about this back then, but then he disappeared and we didn’t hear from him until recently.

It does happen often with military men – there are various deployments and things don’t always turn out as the soldiers have planned them. But here he is again, Avery in his full masculine glory. One can immediately notice that this dude is in a top shape and overflowing with testosterone. It comes as a surprise then when he told us that he used to be a skinny lad in high school… my my how things have changed!

"I tried playing football for a few months," he told us rather shyly, and added, "but they walked all over me ‘cos I was so small."

Well, those days are long gone and I can’t imagine anyone walking over Avery today. He’s 5’8” (172 cm), 210 lbs (95 kg) and packs hard solid muscles everywhere. Pay attention to his low-hanging balls, as well as his nice thick curved dick.

We were a little surprised when he told us during the shoot that he was actually married (he didn’t tell us about that before). However, as it turns out his wife gave him full green light to appear on our site. Smart lady for sure! We definitely like to see wives supporting their straight husbands’ gay porn careers.

Avery also made sure not to jack off for about two days, so he had a nice load saved up for the occasion. Unsurprisingly his cumshot was pretty explosive and big, there was a clearly visible jizz squirt that went all the way to his upper torso!


Preview video:

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SpunkWorthy is a great porn site that features younger straight amateur dudes. Lots of truly straight military guys doing gay for pay only once or a few times! This site is usually the first and only place where you’ll see these bad boys, so don’t miss out!


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Russian Fuck-Machine Igor & Extra-Hung Top Darren Fuck & Breed Muscular Lucas Twice [Director’s Cut]

by on Sep.24, 2015, under MachoFucker

This is one of the best and most sought for videos of all times from Machofucker, and recently the director decided to make the director’s cut version. Who could ever forget the superhot 3-some with London-based megahung top Darren, Russian fuck-machine Igor and the ever-horny muscular bottom Lucas? Well, we just couldn’t pass the opportunity to showcase this newest take on the historical recording and this is the result.

Both Igor and Darren fucked Lucas so hard that he could only moan and groan with pleasure. Not to mention the two magnificent breeding scenes, including that classic one where a copious amount of Igor’s cum enters Lucas’ ass and quickly gets ejected out of it while he’s riding Igor’s monster cock. It’s been used over and over again to make animated gifs and you can finally watch it in its full HD glory here.

So what else can I say about this pretty much perfect shoot? The pictures and preview video already speak for themselves. It’s not dubbed "The Dream Team" for nothing! Go join Machofucker and download your copy of this fantastic classic Machofucker movie.


Preview video:

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MachoFucker is a fantastic site that features only macho-masculine men with very big dicks, and extreme bareback hardcore fucking. Lots of creampies too. Machofucker tops are very aggressive fuckers and you’ll be able to feel the energy and stamina coming from them.



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Sexy Married Marine Kent Strokes His Military Cock

by on Apr.13, 2015, under ActiveDuty

Kent is just the type of guy I like to feature on this blog the most. He’s handsome, fit and masculine and works for the military. When we mentioned him a jerkoff solo session, he was reluctant at first, mostly because he’s already a married man. You can probably see his wedding band while he’s holding a bottle of beer.

However, the itch to try this type of thing was so great that Kent just had to give it a try. His wife was informed, and amazingly, she was so enthusiastic about it that she wanted to come and watch the whole thing. We even get to listen to some of their dirty talk before the camera starts shooting officially.

Kent has a nice fur on his chest, and he looks so damn sexy while stroking his military cock. He was pretty horny as a result of not jacking off for several days, so he really got into the whole thing quite easily.

There’s something totally natural and appealing about this military boy. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I’m sure you can see it too. Kent had no problems showing us his hairy hole (and it’s quite hairy I must say) as well.

Kent’s wife was instrumental in making of this solo jerkoff video, because she was so supportive. She was sure that Kent would shine in his first jackoff video, which he certainly did. If you’re into younger, masculine and natural-looking men then you should defo check out Kent!


Preview video:

Click here to watch or download his entire video in HD quality at Active Duty!

Active Duty is a great porn site that specializes in younger military men and uniformed studs in general. These men are usually real amateurs and you will see them only here. Ripped, muscled studs in the army and their insatiable sex drive!

Active Duty is one of the oldest gay porn sites – but it has been recently updated and overhauled and now it looks brand new! Also all the videos are from now on in 2000 bit HD quality – so you can watch them even on your big TV screen!


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Handsome Married Guy Colin At His First Porn Audition

by on Feb.14, 2015, under TheCastingRoom

Colin is a straight and married dude who is very much into extreme sports and enjoying wild sex with his wife as often as he can. However, ever since he’s gotten married he realized that the variety in sex is lacking to some extent. He heard from his mates that one can make easy cash by posing naked and jacking off for some porn sites.

This is Colin’s very first porn audition. He told us that he doesn’t have a moral problem with this cause "it’s just for the money". However, he does admit that the opportunity to participate in wild orgies with many other men and women sounds quite tempting. He didn’t tell his wife, though, and he’s concerned about the possibility of her finding out about his little adventures in the porn world. So we will keep silent about his little experiment and see how it goes, won’t we?

As for the audition itself, he got our usual battery of tests, which involve ass inspection, jerking off and ejaculation. And remember, don’t tell anybody.


Click here to watch his entire casting video in HD quality at
The Casting Room!

The Casting Room (formerly known as First Auditions) is a great, original porn site that showcases young, cocky straight men who would like to become porn stars and make loads of cash. They think that they’ll be accepted right away and be able to fuck lots of girls, but they don’t know that our casting director is very strict and wants to fully inspect them during the audition. He orders them to get fully naked, show their ass, and jerk off so that we can clearly see the cumshot. Plus, we get to hear all their fetishes and what turns them on.


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Cum-Hungry Cocksucker Services Anonymous Married Man & Swallows His Massive Load

by on Feb.11, 2015, under SUCKoffGUYS

Straight married guys simply love blowjobs, especially if they can remain anonymous. This married man was pretty desperate to unload his balls into our cocksucker’s mouth, and when we told him he would even get paid for that he was totally stoked.

So our horny married motherfucker comes and drops his pants immediately. His cock is promptly accepted into Seth’s eager mouth and given worshipping that it deserves. Seth says that the married guy’s precum tasted like sperm, which is usually a good indication that the man in question is not far away from busting his nut. Needless to say, Seth is more than happy to lick and swallow every drop of the pre-ejaculatory liquid, which gets him extremely horny.

After some time, our anonymous straight sperm donor is quickly approaching the point of no return and he aims his nice cock straight into Seth’s wide open mouth. Several streams of warm cum shoot directly into Seth’s mouth, while one squirt hits Seth straight into his left eye!

Well, this straight dude is obviously one giant sperm factory as his squirts don’t seem to get any less intense… damn. Seth was such a lucky cocksucker to be at the right place and at the right time! Like all greedy cocksuckers, Seth makes sure that not a drop of this married man’s semen gets wasted and licks it up all like an obedient dog. I’d say there were no less than 10 big squirts and they all contained quite a big amount of warm jizz.

This shameless cum swallowing has made Seth horny as hell, so he grabs his own cock and strokes it several times, then shoots his load all over the floor. Another horny married man taken care of!


Preview video:

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SUCKOffGUYS is a very interesting and hot amateur gay porn site that focuses on blowjobs, cum eating, cumshots, cum play and all things cum! The site owners are obviously total cum pigs and it shows. Be sure to check them out if you’re into beautiful hard cocks, blowing stiff rods and sperm in all varieties.


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Skillful Cocksucker Griffin Deepthroats Hung Straight Dude Pax

by on Nov.06, 2014, under Chaosmen

Pax is a hot straight guy who was already married and has a seven-year-old son. He is 26 (although he defo looks more mature) and one immediately notices how charming, polite and professional he is. Some years ago he had an adventure with one effeminate gay guy who sucked him off and then he fucked him. Pax says he liked the fact that the guy was effeminate to some extent. At that time Pax couldn’t even imagine reciprocating the blowjob, so it was all pretty much one direction – he gets sucked off and fucks the guy as if the guy were a girl. Pax thinks that on that scale that represents how much someone is straight or gay, he would define himself as 90 percent straight. But, things have changed since then and it’s time to experiment a bit more with guys…

Griffin has earned the reputation of a pretty skillful cocksucker and this was another chance for him to demonstrate his abilities. Griffin had heard this backstory about Pax and was confident that his blowjob would turn Pax on, but after some time Pax lost his erection – it appears that this predominantly straight boy likes his male cocksuckers feminine and Griffin certainly doesn’t belong in that category – especially considering his strong scruffy beard! But Griffin didn’t let this little setback interfere with his plans, so he grabbed Pax’s cock with his hand and started to stroke his cock until it got fully hard and, gosh, it’s really big and thick – check that out!

Without much fanfare or preparation Griffin swallows Pax’s entire dick, balls deep – congrats! Pax used to look at some porno we left playing on the DVD but as soon as Griffin demonstrated his deepthroating abilities, Pax was hooked and got turned on more than ever before with any cocksucker, male or female.

In the previous scenes it seemed that Griffin wasn’t the biggest fan of rimming, but as the time went by it seems he grew to like it more and more, and today he seemed to have genuinely enjoyed eating Pax’s hairy ass. This gives Pax an idea and he starts to face-fuck Griffin, which was probably the hottest moment of this blowjob, in my opinion.

Then Griffin turns Pax over and places him on his back so he can suck him off better. In the end Griffin strokes Pax’s cock until he shoots his load. Pax’s load was pretty copious and it shook him to the core because his whole body was trembling and twitching from the powerful orgasm!


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire serviced video in HD quality at Chaosmen!

Chaosmen is a great porn site that features hot straight and bi men getting serviced or fucking their mates bareback for some cash. This site is exceptional and very unique because almost every single fucking is bareback and ends with a gorgeous internal cumshot or creampie.


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Straight Lifeguard Chase Gets His Huge Cock Serviced

by on Oct.15, 2014, under New York Straight Men

Here’s one of my favorite classic blowjobs from several years ago. Actually, the very first post on this blog is exactly about this particular blowjob in which straight man Chase gets blown by the then resident cocksucker Bobby. Since it has been more than six years since that time, I thought it would be fitting to remember this amazing oral action.

Chase works as a lifeguard at a YMCA pool in the NYC when it’s winter time, and when summer comes he goes to Jones Beach on Long Island where he does the same job.

This fit straight man with a huge cock was about to be married at the time, and we’re not sure what happened with them after the marriage. We hope Chase is happy with his new wife. However, I must commend Chase’ excellent open-minded thinking when he says that he doesn’t mind at all when a gay dude sucks his cock with great gusto! Chase also admitted the sad truth to us that women usually don’t like to suck cock as much as guys do, and even his current wife gets a bit bored with blowjobs whereas cocksucker Bobby would never ever say he’s got bored with that amazing huge throbbing rod!

Chase is a fan of sloppy, aggressive blowjobs where he directs the cocksucker and orders him how his cock should be swallowed and handled. Bobby is no beginner, though, and swallows that huge piece of man meat – balls deep! Chase was a bit surprised, and we were too – I mean just look at the size of that beauty.

Bobby proved to be an expert cocksucker and it’s no wonder that he made Chase shoot a massive, messy load that surprised even us! Chase was on the seventh heaven as Bobby was squeezing every drop from his balls with his skillful mouth.


Preview video:

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New York Straight Men is the world’s biggest collection of straight men getting their blowjobs from gay dudes! These men are usually truly straight but they love getting head from a gay guy because it feels so much better than whatever their girlfriends can do. These men are not the Hollywood type cuties, they are Real Men!


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Masculine Straight Stud Sterling Jacks Off

by on Aug.04, 2014, under Chaosmen

Sterling is a hot, masculine straight guy who seems to be in that phase when he wants to experiment with other guys. He has a steady job, but some extra money is never a bad thing. Sterling is an extrovert guy who comes across as your brother, very direct and good-natured. He already has his little girl to take care of and has been a proud dad for nearly six years. So here we have a family guy who wants to explore his bicurious side. He says he once had "something" with another guy, but it was nothing very serious, just one isolated adventure that nevertheless left a vague notion in his mind that sexually interacting with men might not be off limits for him.

Of course, having had mostly straight sex for his entire life, he’s quite nervous and inexperienced as far as guys go. He was concerned he might not be able to perform with another guy, but here we have his first solo video which will surely make your heart beat stronger. He made sure that his solo performance turn out great and even his rough trade side shines through loud and clear. If you’re into more rugged straight boys this is a perfect specimen to consider.

I hope you’ll be enjoying his passionate jerkoff session as much as we did while we were filming it… and remember, Sterling is a bad, bad boy. We love him.


Preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in HD quality at Chaosmen!

Chaosmen is a great porn site that features hot straight and bi men getting serviced or fucking their mates bareback for some cash. This site is exceptional and very unique because almost every single fucking is bareback and ends with a gorgeous internal cumshot or creampie.



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Muscled Hung Stud Glenn Barebacks & Breeds Sexy Married Man Byron

by on Jun.25, 2014, under Chaosmen

Byron is a hot young straight and married dude (he and wife are expecting a baby) who likes to experiment with his sexuality and if he can make some easy money on the side, it’s defo a bonus. Byron’s wife said she was OK with the hubby going to our site to fuck with the boys, as long as he stays with her. One has to keep in mind that Byron’s wife is pregnant, which means the poor hubby didn’t get any pussy for months!

Well, here we’re determined to make up for the lost time, and who can do it better than our superstud Glenn. Glenn has been away for some time, presumably due to school duties, but now he’s back and it was such great joy to see him fully engaged in wild sex with Byron. Glenn doesn’t mind bottoming, but I think his main specialty is topping other guys, an activity in which he shines. I think he looks great with a shaved head like today, and with a bit of facial hair. I hope he tries growing a full beard or goatee one day, too.

The two guys start out by giving each other a hot, pleasurable blowjob. They even change into the 69 position and suck each other’s cock at the same time.

But today we started with Byron topping Glenn for some time. It didn’t go quite as we planned, because Byron was a bit wobbly as a top. But, as soon as the tables were turned and Glenn penetrated Byron’s ass, Byron’s cock jumped up and became hard as steel! Well, it’s a certain sign that our married man is actually a born bottom! He says that he likes when his wife inserts a dildo up his ass, he says it makes him cum very fast. Wow, good to hear there are such open-minded straight men. And their wives, too.

Glenn fucks him hard in several positions, and finally it seems that Byron is going to do a handsfree cumshot, but alas, he forgot not to grab his cock. He just touched his cock and the cum eruption began. Then he released it and let Glenn fuck him while the spurts of cum were being sprayed. So, it was kinda half-genuine handsfree cumshot, but it looks pretty hot.

Then Glenn starts shooting his load into Byron’s ass, and you can see his cock twitching and doing "snake writhing" while he is breeding Byron’s ass. Glenn pulls out and lets us watch Byron’s sperm-filled ass, then shoves it in again to breed him some more. Certainly one of the best bareback and breeding scenes this year.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire bareback video in HD quality at Chaosmen!

Chaosmen is a great porn site that features hot straight and bi men getting serviced or fucking their mates bareback for some cash. This site is exceptional and very unique because almost every single fucking is bareback and ends with a gorgeous internal cumshot or creampie.


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Married Ripped Man Jamie Gets Serviced After A Long Time

by on May.22, 2014, under New York Straight Men

It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen our old friend Jamie. This hot, straight and very muscular man came to us feeling a bit down – namely, he’s been having some issues with his wife and he hadn’t received a proper blowjob because of this in a long time.

Well, that’s a serious matter and we certainly feel an obligation to help our straight men in such situations. As soon as our resident cocksucker Brock appeared, Jamie’s mood improved considerably, especially when Brock started to greedily swallow Jamie’s hard dick. Brock was deepthroating Jamie’s dick, getting his mouth all the way to Jamie’s unshaven natural ginger bush. Jamie was really happy and as a reward for the amazing blowjob he shot his wad straight onto Brock’s chest.

Snapshot 1
Snapshot 3
Snapshot 4
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Snapshot 8
Snapshot 7
Snapshot 9
Snapshot 10
Snapshot 13
Snapshot 14
Snapshot 16
Snapshot 18
Snapshot 21
Snapshot 22
Snapshot 24
Snapshot 25

Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at New York Straight Men!

New York Straight Men is the world’s biggest collection of straight men getting their blowjobs from gay dudes! These men are usually truly straight but they love getting head from a gay guy because it feels so much better than whatever their girlfriends can do. These men are not the Hollywood type cuties, they are Real Men!


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