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Deflowering Straight Virgin Ass – Hung Adam & Mick Bareback Kaden’s Once Innocent Ass

by on Jul.24, 2013, under Broke Straight Boys

We find Adam in the middle of these three guys and he begins telling us what we can expect in the following video.

He says that today all the guys present in the room will be ass-fucked, with the exception of himself. Namely, Kaden is about to be deflowered, and Mick will have to prove once again that being ass-fucked in the past still qualifies him for the position of a worthy bottom. In other words that Mick will have to prove that he can take it like a man.

Can you notice that Mick didn’t speak anything during the short intro, I guess he doesn’t really take the idea of getting another dude’s hard dick up his ass as something trivial. Damn! There are still some hearty boys in this worlds after all.
Just kidding, hehe.

Adam says that he has never had the privilege of tasting a black dick in his mouth, but since it’s about to happen anyway, he says, "Let’s do it, boys!"

He takes Kaden’s big shaft in his throat, while Kaden is showing him where he wants some more attention applied. Meanwhile, Mick is sucking on Adam’s sausage.

Now it’s finally time for some serious ass-fucking action, when we see these virgin and not-so-virgin asses getting plowed by hard dicks. Adam puts some lube on his cock,  and now it’s time for Kaden to be impaled on that rod. His first ever cock. Wow. I guess it can be overwhelming, but I think everyone should try everything worthy at least once. It took some time for Kaden to receive Adam’s cock, bareback and in a nasty way. Adam can feel how tight and closed up it seems, and he confirms that it is, indeed, a real virgin hole. Suddenly, Kaden doesn’t feel any pain and has adjusted his ass to the manly furious invader. There’s no doubt that Kaden’s ass was demolished in the process and deflowered properly. Adam’s dick is a relentless fucker and when it fucks an ass, it’s really intense and aggressive. But, this is just the beginning of Kaden’s deflowering. Now Kaden stands on all fours and Mick seddles him up. Mick is more kind to Kaden’s ass than Adam, and fucks it slowly but surely. But all his strokes are full, and his balls slap onto Kaden’s ass-cheeks. Kaden yells and utters loud cries.

At first Kaden thinks to himself, "I shouldn’t be enjoying this, but I am." Kaden says this aloud.

Mick slaps Kaden’s ass-cheeks and pronounces him his very own bottom boy. Meanwhile Adam is giving out instructions on how to fuck the new bitch in the best way, and at the same time he strokes his dick. "Break that shit in," he yells loudly to Mick.

Now it’s time for some role switching, and Mick lies on his stomach while Kaden puts some lube on his dick and pushes his erect pole deep inside Mick’s ass, all in one big stroke. That ass has been split in two in just one stroke. Priceless.

While Kaden is fucking him, Mick is also sucking on Adam’s fuck stick, slobbering all around that big pole. Kaden seems to love fucking Mick’s ass. Adam asks Kaden whether he likes that little hole, and Kaden replies that yes, it’s nice and tight. Kaden manages to kiss Mick’s big shoulders while he is fucking him. Adam suddenly approaches Kaden and kisses Kaden, exchanging the spit and using the tongue.

Now Kaden is lying on his back while Adam wants to continue the commenced job, namely to fuck that ass properly. Adam is a furious, aggressive fucker and Kaden starts to shake and tremble all over. Mick shoots his load and it hits Kaden’s tongue and lips. Mick pushes his cock back into Kaden’s mouth so that it can be cleaned of all the cum.

Kaden is the next to bust his nut, and his cumshot was pretty epic as well, it flew over all the way to Mick’s ass cheeks and some of it hit Mick’s six pack. Adam was the last to shoot his load, and his jizz was added with Kaden’s.

And a little surprise, after the fucking was over, Kaden takes their mutual jizz and smears it over Mick’s face.


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