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Hairy Beefy Straight Man Stan Strokes His Big Fat Cock

by on Oct.23, 2014, under Island Studs

Meet Stan! He is a beefy masculine straight guy who works at a local restaurant in Honolulu and his main job is to toss pizzas so that they turn out perfect for the customers. From time to time when the main driver gets sick he even delivers the pizzas to the customers, so he’s really a pizza delivery man as well (speaking of which, I wonder what their phone number is, cause I’d defo order a few of the spicier ones and emphasize that I’d like Stan to be the delivery man).

Anyhow, Stan is 26 years old, about 5’4” tall (162 cm) and he weighs 165 lbs (75 kg). His body is packed with strong beefy muscles and he can really look a bit intimidating, but he’s actually such a good-natured and charming young lad. When describing Stan it would be a crime not to mention the size and shape of his magnificent big fat dick – just take a look at that big hard beauty!

He arrived a little earlier than planned and wanted to take a pee so that it doesn’t interfere with the jerkoff action… but I told him to wait for some time so that the pissing time gets extended. As the time went by he was getting more and more anxious to take a pee and when I told him he could remove his pants his dick was already hard, pumped up and wet!

It’s interesting to know that until recently Stan’s naked pictures were his girlfriend’s sole property. But as of now she won’t be the only one who can watch him naked. So let’s dive into the heart of the matter. Stan is packed with big beefy muscles and hairy arms. His body tells a story of a horny farmer who earns for his living by doing physical work, which we really love. He’s hairy all over his body – his legs, chest, stomach, ass, arms and of course his balls – all very hairy! Stan often wears a stubble and it gives him an even more striking macho look.

He starts stroking his cock and quickly reaches the "danger zone",  but I ask him to abstain from cumming so soon. The sight of his big fat dick is awesome and I wanted you guys to have a chance to look at it from all angles. After some more cock stroking, he finally gives in and unleashes a torrent of jizz. His charming smile is mixed with groans and moans of a man who has just reached the orgasmic bliss. Stan is certainly recommended for all the lovers of manly burly men.


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NYSM – No Teabagging For Big-Dicked Tony

by on Sep.24, 2011, under New York Straight Men

Italian-born pizzeria man Tony is our old friend. He has been at our place quite a few times and we always had a blast. This handsome and manly Italian stud has one of the most beautiful, big cocks I’ve ever seen. It’s totally straight and quite huge when hard. And it throbs when you have it in your mouth, which our cocksucker Trey can attest to. In short, sucking on Tony’s hard cock is a cocksucker’s dream cum true. His balls are also really big, a real bull’s testicles, which gave us an idea today…

Today one of our crew members had an interesting idea that we could suggest to Tony to try tea bagging. (I’m sure most of you know what tea bagging means, but just to be sure = to tea bag means to put your nutsack onto another man’s face or mouth, especially when he’s sleeping.)

Of course, our straight Italian pizza man had no idea what tea bagging means (he thought it was something to do with politics), but when we explained he was against it. He should have straddled Trey’s mouth, but he was visibly uncomfortable. When he asked “Who does this?” in his typical Bronx accent, we said that gay men usually do it. If he was for it until that moment, this had changed it all. He told us it was too gay for him. But when a man sucks his dick that’s OK…um? Go figure. Sometimes there’s simply no use trying to decipher what goes on in a straight dude’s head…

So we reverted to our favorite activity in which everyone enjoys: blowjobs. As always his cock got hard and erect. It got really big and Trey’s mouth was completely filled with it. When he is nearing orgasm, Tony usually rolls with his eyes, and that’s what he did this time as well.

Finally he couldn’t stand it anymore and shot his wad of hot cum all over our lucky cocksucker!



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NYSM – Manly & Hung Italian Pizza Master Tony Serviced Again

by on Aug.11, 2011, under New York Straight Men

Tony has been really busy lately. All this summer he has been working hard at the Family Pizzeria. His little brother got married this year too, and Tony had to pick up the slack for him while he was away. No wonder that Tony had little time for anything else besides his Pizza biz.

But his balls were unrelentingly making the jizz, and one day Tony just couldn’t take that pressure anymore. He had to unload his balls somehow, only there was no girl on the horizon. Luckily he remembered us, and gave us a call. He told us how desperate he was for a blowjob.

We told him that if he could come over we would certainly see to it that he gets some quality service. He arrived quickly and was still fresh from work, still with pizza grease stains on his T-shirt. Finally he’d get some quality blowjob!

Trey rushed to take Tony’s huge snake out of his pants. Trey is a bit of a size queen, because he almost goes to a trance-like state when he services huge dicks.

Tony got horny as hell and started to shove his big dick into Trey’s throat, fucking his mouth and throat like it was some tight cunt.

Tony was in such ecstasy that his eyes rolled back and soon enough his balls erupted with a massive load of cum that filled Trey’s mouth!


Short preview video:

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StagHomme – Nasty Adventures With Hot Pizza Delivery Boy (Al Gusto)

by on Apr.19, 2011, under StagHomme

StagHomme guys have made it once again, a superhot fantasy that many of us have thought about countless times – what would you do if a hot pizza delivery boy offered something else, much hotter instead so that you can keep the change?

A new stud in the StagHomme’s stable is Adonis, who comes from Madrid, and he plays the pizza delivery boy. Damien Crosse is the customer who ordered the pizza. When Adonis doesn’t have change to break Damien’s 50 EUR, he does what every decent pizza boy would do – offer his other services in exchange.

Adonis feasts and sucks on Damien’s sizeable cock and then a fantastic fuck session follows, which ends in a climactic fuck sequence.

However, Damien is still unsatisfied so Adonis tells him to bend over like a bitch and take his pulsating cock in his ass.

”Al Gusto” concludes with Adonis screwing Damien in the throat and suddenly shooting all of that cum that was brewing in his big balls. Damien eats all of it with gusto.


Extended preview video:

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Hairy Italian Pizzeria Stud Tony Is Back!

by on Aug.21, 2010, under New York Straight Men

After countless viewer requests and months of negotiation, we were able to persuade the HAIRY ITALIAN Pizzeria stud to come back for some servicing. The reason why it was difficult was because Tony got himself a "freaky" girlfriend. He told us that this girlfriend sucks his huge cock right down, swallows his cum, eats his hairy ass and lets him fuck her in the ass. He told us it didn’t get better than that!  Tony will only let a guy service him as a last resort, meaning a freaky girl will get the first dibs on his massive cock.

Lucky for us this girlfriend of his went home to visit her family in Jamaica for a couple of weeks and the sperm was building up in his balls. When we called him, he told us that we caught him at a weak moment, he was tired of using us right hand, so agreed to get sucked off again.

Tony is Tony…. It’s going to happen his way and Ralph was willing to go along. He just wants to get serviced; no small talk, doesn’t even really like to glance at his sucker (if it’s a guy). He kind of looks every place else avoiding any eye contact with Ralph.
That didn’t bother Ralph, he had a job to do; make Tony dump his load. True to form, that’s just what Tony did!


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