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My Straight Buddy – Bromance Between Two Horny Straight Marines

by on Oct.26, 2013, under My Straight Buddy

It was such great fun to hang out with these two marines and best buddies. Marcus and Tanker are not only roommates in the barracks, they’re also best friends and there’s nothing they can’t do together. The bromance between these two goes back two years ago when they were put together in the same boot camp, so they’re pretty close by now.

These two buddies have been to my place quite a few times already, they often want to get out of the barracks and hang around the "normal people". One would think that they’d rather spend some time without each other, but obviously they’ve become such good buddies that it’s basically unnecessary, they get along with each other extremely well. What can I say, it’s a real bromance between two straight guys. Unsurprisingly they have absolutely no problem jerking off in front of each other, so I put some porno on the DVD and let the boys get horny. Actually, even before I played the porno they both said they were horny as fuck and really badly needed to get off.

I think it’s really kinda hot to know that they habitually jerk off together when they are in the barracks. It usually goes something like this: they play "Call of Duty" and when they’re both fed up with it one of them would suggest "let’s put a porn in."… and that’s how it goes.

They whip out their dicks and start stroking. Marcus experimented with the Fleshlight while Tanker was preoccupied with the fake pussy doll.

Once they both cummed there was no haste to put the clothes back on, they just sat there naked and chilled like two straight buddies should do. It was also hot to watch them completely naked smoking cigarettes and chatting about various stuff.


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