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Hunk Du Jour – American Actor Jesse Metcalfe

by on Aug.04, 2013, under Hunk Du Jour

Today’s hunk is American actor Jesse Eden Metcalfe. He’s probably best known for playing the role of John Rowland in Desperate Housewives. Jesse was born in Carmel Valley, California. He has French and Italian blood running in his veins thanks to his father and his mother is of Portuguese descent.

Needless to say, Jesse likes to play sports and anything physical. He played in several basketball leagues while he went to school. In this photo collage I selected mostly his photos where he’s training boxing with his coach. There are also several pics from the beach and also a few intimate pics with a girl.

But, even celebrities have their problems, so in March 2007 Jesse was admitted in a drug rehabilitation facility. He said that alcohol was the culprit.

Luckily, that bad episode is over now, and I’m looking forward to seeing his new projects, such as his new role in the new Dallas series.

Jesse Metcalfe is the prototype of a hot straight man that I particularly dig. He’s well-built, but not too much. The amount of muscles is just right. He is hairy, particularly his face (beard) and legs, and there is some hairy bush on his chest as well. The tattoo that he has on his left arm looks cool and doesn’t distract from his overall massive, muscular physique. Just a perfect manly man’s man.



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English Lads – Personal Trainer Leo Shows Off His Manly Body & Jacks Off

by on Sep.07, 2012, under English Lads

Leo is the latest stud to appear on English Lads and I can already tell that he’s going to be a surfers’ favourite boy.

Leo works as a personal trainer and since he’s such a good professional he already has a few steady clients who admire and respect him. These clients have seen him first on our site.

So let’s enjoy a bit more in the presence of this young manly hunk. It was a really hot day (although it’s almost the end of the summer) but he was quite laid-back and totally cool. Actually he enjoyed the warm sun rays and the gentle breeze that flew around his big balls.

When his clothes were gone it became obvious why this boy needs such big balls – to counterweight that massive uncut cock of his! This stud is certainly one hung mofo.

Leo has a nice amount of body hair, which is completely natural and gives his genitals a nice bushy protection.

He takes his cock into the hand and begins to play with it, occasionally jerking and rubbing it. He tells us that there is a sensitive spot at the back of his cockhead, so he gives it a really proper rubbing.

Leo is also a great cum shooter, his cumshots are copious and he obviously enjoys pleasuring himself. His jizz ended up on his trainers and pubes. Yum!



Click here to watch his entire video in perfect HD quality at EnglishLads!

English Lads is a fantastic site with loads of very manly, straight lads from England who love to show off and jerk off for the camera. All movies are in HD quality.

englishlads_356 englishlads_239
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SpunkWorthy – Handsome & Hung Christian Wilde Spunks My Face

by on Mar.15, 2012, under SpunkWorthy

At SpunkWorthy we can usually see totally amateur guys, mostly marines that I somehow manage to find. But today I am celebrating the third anniversary of SpunkWorthy and for this occasion I prepared a little surprise for ya – one of the best porn actors nowadays – Christian Wilde!

It was rather early in the hotel which I booked and Christian was still in bed, complete with morning glory and all the other horny stuff we love so much to see. So I just couldn’t resist but to grab Christian by his big pride down there.

Being the wise guy, Christian made a joke and said “This is the scene where I get to fuck you, right?”

“Hm! Maybe next year,” I laughed. “Would you like a blowjob?”

“A blowjob sounds good.”

I slowly unzipped his pants and finally grabbed his entire shaft. It was one of the most beautiful cocks I ever had in my hands. I couldn’t resist putting it in my mouth.

I promised Christian that he’d get a full service and I kept my word. I rimmed his tasty ass like a pro that I am. His ass is hairy and furry and just perfect.

Christian also prides himself with some of the most memorable cumshots. They are copious and he is usually very loud and vocal. He left a real mess and a lot of cum all over my face, and his sperm was dripping down my face for a long time!

I was TRULY spunked!


Short preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in perfect HD quality at SpunkWorthy!

SpunkWorthy is a great porn site that features younger straight amateur dudes. Lots of truly straight military guys doing gay for pay only once or a few times! This site is usually the first and only place where you’ll see these bad boys, so don’t miss out!


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Naked Marine – Real-Life Officer Doyle Shoots Epic Load Of Jizz

by on Jan.07, 2012, under Naked Marine

Petty Officer Doyle is the kind of man we like to portray on Rough Straight Men the most. He is the epitome of the masculinity, complete with broad shoulders, square jaw and confidence in his attitude. But he is also handsome and totally charming, especially when he smiles. Doyle is truly the quintessential army man.

I really liked the interview before the main part of the shoot, where he talks about his training in the military as well as his various assignments so far. He talks about the friends he has made there for life, and how he builds bombs to “blow shit up!”

When it was time for action, I told him I put a video with “a educational content” and he immediately understood what I meant. He massaged his tool through the military pants and it grew in several seconds to its full size. Doyle unbuttoned the fly on his camouflage military pants and whipped out his sizeable cock – which was already fully hard.

Doyle shows us his cockhead, it is fat with the mushroom-like top, and just totally beautiful. It glistens in the light because of his precum. Slowly he gets rid of the rest of his army uniform and we can feast our eyes on his tight, slightly hairy body.

Then he lies on the bed and begins to jerk off faster. His big, bulging balls are obviously full of cum and ready to shoot. After some time his weapon starts to shoot and the first projectile goes all the way across Doyle and above the bed – and falls on the carpet! More long and strong squirts of hot cum shoot from his weapon and fall on his hairy underarm, the belly and the blanket. His hands are also completely covered in cum which oozes from his fingers.


Short preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in perfect HD quality at Naked Marine!

Naked Marine is one of the best sites that are made especially for lovers of real masculine men in Military Uniform! This is the place to find your Military Straight Men in and out of their uniform as well as grunts having nasty gay sex!

Marines Exposed

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SUCKOffGUYS – Manly Straight Dude Chad Hanson Serviced Again

by on Dec.23, 2011, under SUCKoffGUYS

Chad is our old friend, a straight dude who doesn’t mind if gay guys suck him off.

Aaron French was eager to get his hands and mouth around Chad’s beautiful hard cock again. There was quite a bit of chemistry between these two, and this video turned out to be totally hot.

Aaron delivered a fantastic blowjob and Chad could only roll with his eyes in disbelief. He didn’t know that such a good blowjob was even possible. All those girls he had before were no match to Aaron’s expertise in cocksucking.

Of course, Aaron wanted to receive Chad’s load directly into his mouth – which he did. Aaron swallows and eats every drop of Chad’s semen until his entire cock is clean and without any trace of cum.


Short preview video:

Click here to watch their complete video in perfect HD quality at SUCKOffGUYS!

SUCKOffGUYS is a very interesting and hot gay porn site that focuses on blowjobs, cum eating, cumshots, cum play and all things cum! The site owners are obviously total cum pigs and it shows. Be sure to check them out if you’re into beautiful hard cocks, blowing stiff rods and sperm in all varieties.


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Straight Fraternity – Big-Dicked Firefighter Austin Hazed

by on Nov.25, 2011, under Straight Fraternity

Here we have 24-year-old Austin who just got out of firefighter school and is looking for a job. He is a straight guy and he was convinced he wouldn’t be able to get it up with another guy (me) during the shoot. Luckily, he was completely wrong about that! His cock went up in no time and it was a sight to behold – big, straight and throbbing monster cock!

He shot a really big load, and it sprayed all over his stomach and legs. Usually firefighters can shoot big and far, and lots of them have big cocks. I wonder if there’s some real connection there!


Short preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in perfect HD quality at Straight Fraternity!

Straight Fraternity is a great site that features hot and horny straight amateur guys. The guys here are funny, cool, and entertaining… and of course hot as hell… I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching their antics! The site authors really love to show cumshots and if you’re a cum lover, you will like this site.

SF-250x250c SF-250x250d
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Bound Jocks – Macho Hairy Morgan Black All Tied Up

by on Oct.23, 2011, under Bound Jocks

Morgan Black is a macho guy in his 30s. He has perfect blue eyes that can mesmerize just about anyone. Add to that his handsome face adorned with the manly beard, muscular body, hairy chest and strong arms and you get a man to die for.

Morgan Black wanted to work out a bit. He started with regular push-ups, and then intended to incorporate a fitness ball. But somewhere midway throughout this exercise his mind began to wander and he found himself in his imagination totally bound with ropes and his mouth tied with a cloth. He can’t move much and lies on the ground on his back. He’s almost completely naked except for the running shoes.

Somehow he frees his hands and manages to reach his cock that is rock hard by now. He slowly strokes it until he starts shooting his big load. This was a very hot shoot and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!


Short preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in perfect HD quality at Bound Jocks!

Bound Jocks is a brand new site that features some of the most masculine motherfuckers that you will ever see. They usually start to work out, get naked, but soon enough their dirty mind plays tricks on them. It makes them daydream so vividly that they find themselves bound with ropes, chains etc. Very hot site indeed and perfect for lovers of masculine guys and mild BDSM!

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NYSM – Tall & Straight Blue-Collar Dude Brent Gets De-Stressing Blowjob

by on Sep.13, 2011, under New York Straight Men

Well, well, well… finally a real blue-collar guy! Brent used to be a Merchant Marine, but now works as a house painter by trade, and that is mostly in Brooklyn and Staten Island. Brent is married and his wife sucks his dick all the time.

Brent is a very easy-going guy, he doesn’t like hurry or fuss in life. The same applies to blowjobs. Although completely straight, Brent doesn’t mind if a guy sucks him off, it just feels too good to pass by. And he is always very grateful to the cocksucker. In fact, Brent likes blowjobs so much that he says he wouldn’t mind if someone could suck him off several times a day. However, Brent never returns the favour. That’s the way it is guys – you suck him, he never sucks you. Brent told us that he thinks blowjobs are the best way to reduce stress!

We wouldn’t feel good about ourselves if we had a tense and nervous straight dude at our place for long, and since he told us how what’s the best way to de-stress him, Trey just had to go to work. Trey was surprised at how HUGE Brent’s cock is, but he managed to get it all the way down. He was deepthroating Brent’s big cock and his balls were bouncing off Trey’s chin. Trey’s nose was diving deep into Brent’s blond and thick man-bush!

Trey was a persistent cocksucker, and slobbered and swallowed the hard piece of this man’s cock the best he could. Eventually Brent felt he was on the brink of the point of no return and shot a big wad of cum all over lucky Trey!

This blowjob really de-stressed Brent and he returned to his usual daily business as a relaxed and happy man!


Short preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video at New York Straight Men!

New York Straight Men is the world’s largest and best collection of hot and horny straight men getting their blowjobs from gay dudes!


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College Dudes – Logan Holmes Is Hot As Hell

by on Sep.06, 2011, under College Dudes

Logan Holmes took us by surprise and offered to do a jerk-off video while we were on a holiday, but he was so sexy, hot and irresistible that we just couldn’t miss that unique opportunity and agreed to film him right there.

Logan Holmes is a hunky, muscular dude, sexy as hell – check that out – he is one sexy mofo and just about everything on him is perfect!

Logan starts to take his clothes off and you can’t help but appreciate all the hard work that this guy has put into shaping his body.

Unsurprisingly, Logan was very horny and got a boner the same minute his pants went down. You can tell he’s about to put on a show for us, and that’s exactly what he did.

He plays with his balls, puts some lube on them and then switches to his amazing cock that just begs to be shoved into some tight hole.

Then he raises his both legs in the air and starts to gently play with his asshole. Next, his finger is up his ass, inspecting the hole. He continues with this for some more time and then suddenly he starts shooting his hot cum.

After he came, there was a rather big smile on his face, a testament to a job well done!

Check Logan Holmes out, he’s an amazingly hot dude and a keeper for sure!


Short preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in perfect HD quality at College Dudes!

College Dudes is one of the best and coolest sites that feature hot, amateur college boys. These guys are truly new and amateur, you probably will not have seen them anywhere else. Some sets feature a guy simply showing off his young, chiseled body, while others have two guys paired in some hot action. Check it out – there are many, many updates indeed.

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Manavenue – Cocky, Muscled & Hung Stallion Adam Santos

by on Aug.09, 2011, under Manavenue

It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard about Adam Santos – the big, muscular and hung stud. And we’ve been trying to persuade him to do some shoots for us for a long time. So now we’ve finally brought him and boy oh boy, did it pay off!

Adam is truly the wettest dream cum true – he has an awesome body, nice big fat dick, and totally cocky attitude. It is evident he likes to show off for the camera. Once he sucks you into his world of pure muscle, sweat and testosterone there is no way out.

Adam was fully boned-up all the time, wherever he went his dick was standing upright and pointing to the sky, ready to fuck whatever comes nearby.

Be sure to check out this latest update at Manavenue – Adam Santos is a God!


Short preview video:

Click here to watch his entire fucking video in perfect HD quality at Manavenue!

Manavenue is an exceptionally good porn website that features masculine, cocky, muscled, powerful straight men, the type of guys that grab your attention while you’re secretly ogling them in the street or in a supermarket. These tough motherfuckers are aware of their sexual appeal and want to show you everything they’ve got.

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