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Straight Horny Marine Charlie Shoots A Big Load

by on Sep.15, 2014, under SpunkWorthy

Charlie is a young sailor that we managed to get interested in shooting a jerkoff video for us just one day before he was about to set off for his deployment which will last seven months. When he heard about the possibility to shoot a jerkoff movie and get paid for that he got really interested but the time until his departure was so short. I was convinced that that would be the last time to ever see him, but it seems that the notion of earning a quick buck for doing your favorite pastime activity was more seductive for him than I first imagined, so he appeared on my doorstep exactly seven months after our first meeting!

Charlie is 19 years old and stands at 5′ 7” (170 cm) tall and he’s been doing lots of sports, such as playing American football and wrestling while he was still in high school. As a consequence of these workouts, his legs and ass got in perfect shape and the girls (and even some guys) that are among his co-workers have already noticed this and said how much they think his masculine hairy legs and bubble ass are sexy.

Charlie is obviously a natural born horndog, he was so horny and eager to bust a nut when he arrived that we could barely make a short interview first. It seems Charlie is quite fond of jerking off, and when I asked him what’s the record number of times he jerked off in a day, he didn’t want to say it explicitly, but he said "a multitude of times". Well, my guess is it’s about 15 or so, but I guess we’ll never know!

He was so delighted at this opportunity to shoot his load for money that he got horny last night and had to bust a nut. While this wasn’t exactly the best practice that we usually recommend to our models, in his case it didn’t seem to have changed anything at all and he even had lots of precum all the time, which usually suggests a high level of arousal. His cumshot was also pretty copious and his spurts were very forceful and flew all the way to his neck! There were about ten big squirts and he made quite a mess all over his six pack and chest.


Preview video:

Click here to watch and download his entire video in HD quality at SpunkWorthy!

SpunkWorthy is a great porn site that features younger straight amateur dudes. Lots of truly straightmilitary guys doing gay for pay only once or a few times! This site is usually the first and only place where you’ll see these bad boys, so don’t miss out!


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Young Sexy Marine Lance Corporal Roque Strokes His Army Cock

by on Sep.11, 2014, under All American Heroes

If young handsome men in their military uniform turn you on, you should certainly pay special attention to Lance Corporal Roque. Roque has only recently finished his boot camp period and was eager to show off his hot masculine military body for us. He came to our studio today dressed in his special uniform that is reserved only for the special occasions. You see, pretty much all these marines have a little secret that they rarely tell anyone, but it’s true – they like to show off what they’ve got, and they will usually use any opportunity to boast their manly assets. They know that both women and men look at them with a certain dose of respect, and are turned on by the display of their resolute manliness.

Roque would like to become the best marine he can be, excelling in all areas of military life. He demonstrated his skill at handling his own weapon today – and of course we all enjoyed it a lot. Oh, one more thing about Roque is that his main wish is to become a military drill instructor, so that he can personally instruct other marines and help them become the strong, brave heroes that they decided to become when they joined the marines in the first place.

Roque slowly takes off his uniform, bit by bit, and soon enough we can see that there’s a rather nice big bulge in his pants. The t-shirt is gone, too, and now we can enjoy the sight of his lean, muscled chest and strong arms. He releases his cock from the constraints of his pants and starts stroking it resolutely. He also plays with his balls, and his fingers somehow find their way to his manhole as well…

Our hot marine now gets on all fours and gives us a great view of his hot firm ass. His finger is there exploring the surface of the hole and spreading his ass wider. Eventually, his finger gets deeper into the hole. However, this was just a little tease and Roque returns to stroking his cock. He’s manhandling his cock now and you can easily notice that his six pack abs are becoming more pronounced as he’s approaching the point of no return. He shoots his load in several big spurts and his semen lands on his six pack and chest. Good shooter!


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire videos in HD quality at All American Heroes!

All American Heroes is a very cool military site with all kinds of uniformed men (firefighters, military men, lifeguards etc.). It’s an unmatched and unavoidable destination for all lovers of hunky, hot uniformed guys who like to blow their loads and fool around with their buddies.


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Masculine Hung Ex-Marine Trian Gets Serviced By Cum-Hungry Cocksucker Brenner

by on Sep.10, 2014, under Chaosmen

It’s such a joy to work with Brenner, especially when I can offer him someone’s huge cock for his mouth or ass. On the other hand we have also Trian who always enjoys having his cock serviced properly. You see, although Trian thinks of himself as totally straight (he’s a single dad and was in the military – more about Trian in his solo preview that I plan to write soon enough), he admits that he has messed with the guys, fellow marines and that he found it interesting. Namely, this spunky dude gets off on being in the center of attention and whether it’s a girl or guy he can get hard if he can show off a bit. As for his private tastes, they’re quite specific – he jerks off only to brunettes with big asses and blue eyes.

Well, while Brenner is defo not a brunette with a big ass and blue eyes, his mouth is very skilled to provide a memorable blowjob session. The two guys start off by exchanging some really passionate kisses (which surprised me by their intensity). Brenner examines Trian’s big bulge through Trian’s sweatpants. Brenner will soon be on his knees with Trian’s cock in his mouth. Now, we all know that Brenner is no noob as far as the art of cocksucking is concerned, and he really gives his best. Trian is totally shocked by Brenner’s demonstration of sheer mastery at the art of cocksucking, and his dick gets even harder. Brenner easily swallows Trian’s entire fat dick and it disappears deep in his throat.

Brenner wants to see if this newly found cocksucker can also give good service for his ass… he pushes Brenner’s face into his ass encouraging him explore it with his tongue. Will we ever see Trian in the same position while some big-dicked stud is fucking his ass raw? I think it would be interesting.

Brenner tells Trian to get on his back again so he can have an easier approach to his cock. It seems our curious straight dad was somewhat distracted so he had to jack off solo for some time to bring himself to the orgasm. The boys shot their loads at about the same time and it was a sight to behold!

Since Brenner thinks it’s a complete waste of good man’s semen to leave it like that, he greedily licks it all up and leaves Trian’s cock and body squeaky clean. Trian would like to know if his cum tastes well, to which Brenner responds by kissing him and giving him a bit of taste of his own cum!


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire blowjob video in HD quality at Chaosmen!

Chaosmen is a great porn site that features hot straight and bi men getting serviced or fucking their mates bareback for some cash. This site is exceptional and very unique because almost every single fucking is bareback and ends with a gorgeous internal cumshot or creampie.


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Extra-Hung Straight Soldier Dimitry Gets His First Gay Blowjob

by on Sep.08, 2014, under Like-Em-Straight

Dimitry is a hot, bearded straight dude. He is very fit, actually pretty muscular and well-built and has a beautiful, large, thick and stiff cock! Since Dimitry has a girlfriend, he told us he would have to keep this a secret for her because she might not like it.

We just say, well, even if she stumbles across this video one day, she can learn the proper way to suck a man’s cock, if nothing else. So, there’s no harm done.

Dimitry is relatively young, he’s only 28 and he used to be in the Army. Considering his great looks and massive cock, we think he could have had lots of sex even while he was in the barracks. However, since he’s really straight that was probably not the case. Our mature cocksucker Brendon obviously had a fantastic time with Dimitry and gave his best to properly take care of that huge cock. Brendon first stroked it from time to time, which was a way to ease Dimitry into the blowjob that followed a bit later. Brendon even rimmed Dimitry’s hole a little, which was a total surprise for our manly soldier. Dimitry shot a rather big load and made quite a mess on his chest – watch him while he’s wiping the jizz with the paper towel.

All in all, Dimitry told us he had a great time here and that he just might consider coming again. I, for one, would like to see this big-dicked soldier again.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at Like-Em-Straight!

Like-Em-Straight is a porn site that features real straight guys that come to jerk off for some cash. The farthest these men will go with another man is to let him suck his cock or get a handjob, but most guys just want to jerk off. The site is made by the same authors as Bait Buddies so you can be sure there’s some quality jerkoff material inside. Most of the men I’ve seen inside are really hot and manly, and I’d venture to say that most of them are really straight.


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Recruitment Officers Take A Sperm Sample From Young Sexy Recruit Paul

by on Sep.07, 2014, under CMNM

We continue the story about young recruit Paul who suddenly found himself at the mercy of two pervy soldiers who perform these physical inspections on recruits. The recruitment officers seize every opportunity when a handsome sexy recruit arrives to examine his body from top to toe. You can see some of the previous episodes here and here.

Well, it’s time when the soldiers arrive to Paul’s cock. Against his will, owing to soldier’s hands that are unscrupulously touching his genitals, the young recruit’s cock gets hard and soon enough the soldiers will be able to collect a sperm sample from him. The young recruit is fully aware of the awkwardness of the situation, but he’s now confronted with the funny situation – his cock likes what is happening to him but his rational mind is against it. Well, as it turns out, sometimes it’s not so bad to give in to these bodily temptations, at least we have yet another experience – all this providing no harm is done.

The pervy soldiers are happy with the extracted sperm sample of the young recruit, but this physical inspection might not be over yet.


Check out these pervy men’s wanton adventures in their whole videos in HD quality at CMNM.

Clothed Male / Naked Male (CMNM) is a superhot porn site where Nervous straight guys get stripped naked, groped and violated by fully clothed men.

There’s nothing better than stripping straight lads completely nude, putting their bodies on display, and teaching them exactly how to submit! When they are in such a submissive position, one would be crazy not to use the opportunity and jerk them off!


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Straight Fitness Trainer Palmer & Muscled Stud Cooper Fuck Each Other Raw

by on Sep.05, 2014, under Chaosmen

Our straight fitness trainer Palmer is going pretty fast through all the roles that a gay for pay actor can go through, and now it’s time for him to flip flop fuck with somebody. I figured Cooper would be a suitable choice because Cooper has both similar physique to Palmer and can flip flop fuck with a dude. Since they’re so similar in their build, I figured they would probably do some comparing muscles and cocks between themselves, and I was right. They’re both gym rats and they even had lots to talk about during the introductory chit-chat.

Palmer has a mishap a few days ago when he got sunburned after having spent only half an hour on the West coast sun. Since he hails from the dark and gloomy Northeast his body has still not adjusted to the warm and sunny weather that’s the norm in our part of the globe.

Palmer may not be gay, but he’s totally into that "I aim to please" trip and he would like to make his potential viewers hard and horny. When he looked at some of his previous shoots with us he was shocked how white and pale he looked so he wanted to improve his skin tan by spending some time in the sun. Alas, he did it too much.

Well, the sunburns may have been a bit of a letdown for Palmer, but his cock is anything but. He was horny and willing to plow Cooper’s ass… and I think I’m not exaggerating when I say he’s overcome his previous limits. Of course, none of this is a part of his usual sexual activities and everything seems bizarre and unusual and awkward, but he’s trying… and since he’s a quick learner he knows how to give his best as soon as he’s gotten the hang of it.

When Palmer’s ass got plowed by Cooper’s raw cock, you can clearly tell that he’s struggling to accommodate it and it’s not something he’s done before, but he still retains his erection and soon enough everything goes smoothly.

Things change for the better when Palmer can be in charge and when he can fuck Cooper’s hole. Clearly, our fitness trainer Palmer is a natural born top, and I think we should enjoy him the way he is. He fucked Cooper so well that he actually managed to fuck the cum out of Cooper. Cooper is such a great asset when it comes to adjusting and teaching brand new guys about gay sex.

Palmer still has to learn how not to mess with his cock while he’s pumping his load into a guy’s ass, but this creampie is still a great treat.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire blowjob video in HD quality at Chaosmen!

Chaosmen is a great porn site that features hot straight and bi men getting serviced or fucking their mates bareback for some cash. This site is exceptional and very unique because almost every single fucking is bareback and ends with a gorgeous internal cumshot or creampie.



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Manly Young Straight Soldier Chris At His First Porn Audition

by on Sep.05, 2014, under TheCastingRoom

Today we have a real straight soldier, and we’re always happy when we see a new soldier in our casting room. Chris is a handsome and tough guy. However, we have some other plans with this hetero boy. We think he could become a great sub boy. A stellar acting career might be just around the corner for him.

If you take a good long look at that very, very tight virgin hole of his that became legally eligible to get fucked only a few years ago, you can get some sense of what went through our minds while we were watching Chris undress and wank his nice military cock. Just the mere thought of imagining him in a very submissive position made our cocks rock hard. Do you not believe? Well, we are open to other options as well. Anyway, who can not think lustfully about a soldier that shoots such a nasty big load all over our floor?

I sure hope they will manage to turn him into an obedient boy… but even if they don’t, he should be a great top.


Click here to watch his entire casting video in HD quality at
The Casting Room!

The Casting Room (formerly known as First Auditions) is a great, original porn site that showcases young, cocky straight men who would like to become porn stars and make loads of cash. They think that they’ll be accepted right away and be able to fuck lots of girls, but they don’t know that our casting director is very strict and wants to fully inspect them during the audition. He orders them to get fully naked, show their ass, and jerk off so that we can clearly see the cumshot. Plus, we get to hear all their fetishes and what turns them on.

Manly Straight Men at their First Porn Audition

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Sexy Spunky Marine Baird Busts His Nut In Jacuzzi

by on Sep.03, 2014, under SpunkWorthy

Being a marine means having a lot of responsible duties but it also has some perks – or however you tend to view it. For instance, one of the perks is that marines are constantly horny. Take Baird for example. This pocket-sized marine is so horny this afternoon that busting his nut is just about the only thing lurking in his mind. To solve his "problem", I spoke with a buddy of mine who was more than happy to offer his bathroom so Baird could have an appropriate place to release the pressure.

Baird appeared in his full military gear. He quickly got rid of his uniform and went straight into the bathtub. He quickly found a nice spot on the jacuzzi to sit on and started working on his nice cock. Afer some passionate dick-stroking action, our marine proudly shoots his jizz all over the place. All in all, it was a nice and hot jerkoff session with this spunky little straight marine.


Preview video:

Click here to watch and download his entire video in HD quality at SpunkWorthy!

SpunkWorthy is a great porn site that features younger straight amateur dudes. Lots of truly straightmilitary guys doing gay for pay only once or a few times! This site is usually the first and only place where you’ll see these bad boys, so don’t miss out!


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Phenix Saint Plows Trace Kendall’s Ass Hard & Deep

by on Sep.02, 2014, under Str8 to Gay

I’ve always had a thing for Phenix Saint. I remember his first days when he looked more like a young, lean straight dude. Now he’s a muscled stud and I like him this way, too. Anyway, Phenix is great as a top and It’s no wonder that he’s playing a straight guy who is awaiting to be seduced by a gay dude in this movie.

The girl that was supposed to meet with Phenix didn’t appear on their date. Actually she did, only it turns out that "she" is a he! The "girl" is no other than Trace Kendall who gets really lucky because Phenix decides to take care of his ass in the way he usually does. This comes about due to strange and not so convincing circumstances (the usual corny porn story, nothing groundbreaking for sure) but the fucking is hot. Phenix penetrates Trace and plows his hole until he fucks the cum out of him. Phenix dumps his load as well. A nice hot fuck scene with one of my favorite actors.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in perfect HD quality at Str8 to Gay!

Str8 to gay is a new site – a part of the MEN.COM family of sites – that explores situations when a straight guy is dissatisfied with his girl or wife. Would his gay buddy do a better job where his wife has failed? Of course he would!


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Hot Masculine Kickboxer David Vano Shows Off & Strokes His Big Cock

by on Sep.01, 2014, under GayHoopla

David Vano is just the kind of hot masculine men that I like to showcase on my blog here. He’s a professional kickboxing fighter and he’s quite skillful, both as a fighter and in bed. You have to understand that this guy is as rough and tough as they get and when he fucks you just know that if you ever get a chance to get fucked by him it’s going to be a memorable experience.

But David is by no means not all muscles and no brain. On the contrary, he’s a kind, spiritual and thoughtful dude who feels the unity of all things and all life. So, if you’re with him you’ll feel loved and cherished for who you are.

We had such great fun filming his typical day, from hard and intense workout and training session while he’s showing us his kickboxing skills, to going to his home later and showing us his proficiency in slamming that nice big dick of his into a suitable hole. I for one am looking forward to seeing much more of this hot masculine straight stud in the future.


Preview video:

Click here to watch or download his entire video in HD quality at Gayhoopla.

Gayhoopla is a relatively new site and it has an interesting history. Several of the guys from well-known site Fratpad decided to establish their own amateur site, and so USA Cam Guys was born. But the members of this site complained that there was very little concrete action going on. So, the "naughty" and more hardcore sister site was created – Gayhoopla – which contains much more hardcore action among the participants. Despite its name (Gayhoopla) this site actually has more straight guys than some other allegedly straight boy sites out there. It is really reminiscent of Fratmen and Fratpad, so if you’re into hot American straight jocks and amateur guys this website is a must and you should check it out. The site contains over 200 streaming videos, daily scheduled live shows etc, so it definitely stands out when compared to most other porn sites.

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