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Str8 to Gay – Fucking Your Straight Work Colleague ("Booty Switch")

by on May.01, 2012, under Men Dot Com, Str8 to Gay

Spencer Fox and Adam Killian have been colleagues at work for quite some time. Spencer has had suspicions about Adam, he thinks Adam flirts too much in the office so he thought he could teach him a lesson.

To lure a straight guy like Adam into your lap and get to his cock, you’d need a hot girl. And Spencer just so happens to have a good and very hot female friend.

Spencer and his friend tell Adam that she is going to take care of all his needs under one condition: he has to surrender completely and allow to be blindfolded. Then she will fuck him.

But, it was just part of the plan and soon enough Spencer gets very close to Adam’s raging hard cock. At first Adam protests and doesn’t want to have anything intimate with his male colleague but he gives in eventually.

Not only that, actually, both men were so horny that we had a fantastic flip-flop fucking session and I have a feeling that Spencer was not the only one who enjoyed it.

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