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Muscled Stud Johnny Forza Nails Tristan Stiles’ Ass Hard & Raw

by on Nov.19, 2013, under Broke Straight Boys

It’s tough when your mobile phone bill amounts to $400 – Tristan Stiles was astonished when he found out it was that high. What else is a straight boy to do with such a phone bill but to go to Broke Straight Boys and earn some cash fast!

We find Johnny Forza and Tristan Stiles lying leisurely on the bed and chatting with the cameraman. Tristan says that he has found a new girl just before this shoot and that his phone bill got so high thanks to the marathon conversations with her. I could tell that Johnny was in his element, cracking jokes here and there and getting ready to bang Tristan’s ass. While Tristan was talking about his newly found girl, Johnny asked him "Did you poke her?" to which Tristan answers "On facebook". Quite innocent, but we sure hope he gets more concrete with her.

Johnny thinks that Tristan really needs to get broken in properly, it’s high time Tristan got rid of that excessive shyness, which is quite doable after a proper assfucking session has been delivered on that innocent ass of his.

"We will break him in properly," Johnny is certain.
"Big Johnny. Up my ass," Tristan jokes.

Next thing, the two boys remove their clothes and we can see that Johnny has a weird, funny pink underwear, while Tristan has ordinary black shorts. They start exchanging kisses first, which gets them pretty hard in no time, so they continue exchanging blowjobs as well. Johnny’s cock is especially big, and Tristan had great difficulties getting it all in his throat, but eventually he got the hang of it!

"Suck it. Lick that cock," Johnny gives out orders to his submissive boy. Then Johnny bends Tristan over and begins to fuck him in the doggy position. It wasn’t easy to accommodate Johnny’s sizeable cock in that tight ass, but after several attempts Johnny shoves it in completely and starts fucking that ass.

Submissive boy Tristan pushes his face deep into the bed sheets and starts groaning like a virgin girl getting her very first fuck. Johnny is now pounding away real hard and slapping Tristan’s ass cheeks.

Next, Tristan lies on his back and lets Johnny ravage his ass from behind. Johnny is not terribly gentle and his thrusts definitely stretch that ass to a completely new level. Tristan is moaning increasingly louder but Johnny just pounds away like a madman.

This goes on for some more time and finally Johnny can’t hold it any longer, pulls out and jacks off. But it was Tristan who shot his load first, then Johnny added his jizz to Tristan’s white spunk.


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