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Masculine Beefy Dude Lucas Allen Pounds Austyn’s Gay Ass

by on Oct.10, 2013, under BaitBuddies

Lucas is a hot, masculine, beefy type of straight guy with nice muscled body and a cock to match. Lucas is about 6 feet tall (182 cm) and he has some hair on his chest that makes him look even a bit more mature and manly.

As the scenario for this site always goes, Lucas came here hoping he would fuck some hot dumb blonde with huge boobs, but the site owner has just told him the bad news: "There ain’t gonna be a girl for you to fuck her, buddy, but we have this fine gay boy who would really want you to stick in his tight man ass." I am not sure if I believe the story, actually Lucas Allen has done bottoming with hung Joe Parker. So not sure about him being totally straight hehe. But anyway, the fantasy works for me, he’s very cute and masculine.

Austyn is the gay boy in this scene. He comes from Dallas, Texas and currently studies at a college. Austyn likes to get fucked by strong, masculine men, and he’s particularly into straight guys.

So when the action began, Lucas is told to remove his clothes and start making his cock hard. Then the news about the missing girl, protestations etc. you know the story. After all, everyone needs some money, and this is by far the easiest way to get it.

First Austyn starts playing and jerking Lucas’ dick, then when both boys are hard we can witness some sword fighting, and the boys are rubbing their cock against each other’s hard throbbing dick. Austyn is horny as fuck and there’s precum dripping from his cockhead. Austin makes a comment that it makes the whole thing more slippery and feels good. He wonders why he himself doesn’t make as much precum like Austyn and everyone laughs.

Now Austyn wants to kiss Lucas, it’s a necessary and natural thing to do when you want to attract a man to yourself. Lucas says that Austyn has "lady lips", which Austyn didn’t like at first. But then Lucas explains that he meant to say that they are soft. Well, the boys keep on kissing each other and it’s possible that Lucas imagined that he was with a chick, which is ok, if that made things any more pleasurable for him.

Lucas says that this was the very first cock that he sucked, he does look a bit inexperienced about sucking cock, so maybe he was telling the truth. My bet is that Lucas is really straight or that he hasn’t much experience with men. What do you think? The casting director tells Lucas he’s now officially a cocksucker, but Lucas didn’t make any comments about it.

Lucas says that the worst thing he has ever seen is a male hairy butt, but that the best thing was being inside it. Well, of course it feels great – it’s tighter than any pussy for sure! It seems our straight boy has some conflicts going on in his mind about his new gay for pay role, but I’m sure it will get better with time.

Finally, Lucas shoves his dick inside Austyn’s ass, which was already very eager to receive a hard straight man’s cock. When all 8 inches fill Austyn’s boyhole, there’s a satisfied expression on his face. Lucas fucks him pretty hard and actually fucks the cum out of Austyn.

Lucas pulls out and violently shoots his semen all the way to Austyn’s face. Even the casting director got spunked a little in the process.


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