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Hot Muscled Fucker Sergio Valen Nails Young Hottie Tate Thompson

by on Jan.14, 2014, under Broke Straight Boys

When this scene begins we find Sergio Valen and Tate Thompson in the middle of a discussion about mucus. What that was about we may never know, but the next thing that we can hear from the cameraman is that he’s very fond of Tate’s cockscuking skills. Sergio confirms the cameraman’s claims and says that he heard the same thing about Tate, adding that the little fucker has been bragging about it all the time.

I don’t know if you agree with me, but Sergio looks better and better every time he does another scene. His muscles look bigger now, and the beard is an unquestionable asset. He’s modest, though, and keeps saying that he only did some stretching after running. Tate feels somewhat bitchy and adds that all he did was to "sit on Sergio’s ass".

The cameraman brings our attention to Sergio’s leather bracelet. It turns out it was made by a man whom Sergio met at Palm Springs Pride. Sergio says with conviction that that man has pretty decent gear and that he likes it. Sergio adds that he was unknowledgeable about all the leather stuff until recently when he actually tried it and realized what great fun it can be.

Then we turn our attention to Tate and after some introductory chit-chat with the cameraman we find out that he’s been having a great time with the other guys and isn’t discouraged by all the gay stuff at all. The camera guy asks him how he would describe the taste of dick and he admits that there is actually no taste at all. The camera guy adds the bonus question – what would it taste like if a dude came into his mouth – and it turns out that Tate hadn’t considered that option so far.

Eventually the interview is over and the guys take off their t-shirts. Soon after their pants go down as well. The camera guy seems to have a butt fetish and he always makes his models turn around and compare their buttocks. The guys compare with each other and Sergio even grabs Tate’s butt cheek, seemingly in a spontaneous manner. Tate is not easy to get fooled and says right away, "I saw that coming".

Then it’s time for the boys to get down to work and spend some quality time together sucking each other’s cock. Sergio is the first to delve deep into Tate’s bush with his nose while completely swallowing Tate’s pole. While he deepthroats Tate’s manhood it quickly grows in his mouth. Then it’s time for Sergio to return the favor and he gets down on his knees to suck Tate’s cock. Tate admits that Sergio isn’t a bad cocksucker at all.

Then the guys exchange rimjobs, and after some time it’s obvious that Tate is a better ass muncher than Sergio. Now Tate gets down to business and makes Sergio’s cock rock hard for the upcoming penetration of his ass. Tate puts a rubber on Sergio’s cock and Sergio penetrates his hole in just a few seconds. Sergio shoves his entire cock deep inside Tate’s ass, and with every thrust it seems he can reach even deeper into Sergio’s nether regions.

The two guys go to the bed to continue with the fucking. Sergio solemnly pronounces that his main mission is "sticking my dick right in this ass". When it’s fully inserted Tate realizes that it’s not gonna be so easy as he thought. Sergio’s cock now goes completely inside and Tate can feel every inch of it. Tate wants to turn on his back but Sergio doesn’t let him go and continues to fuck him. Sergio wants to make Tate’s ass his own property and soon enough Tate feels as if his ass is being split in two. Tate starts shooting his load all of a sudden while being impaled by Sergio’s hard cock, and his jizz sprays all over his chest. Soon enough Sergio pulls out and shoots his load all over Tate’s chest and the two cumshots are now mixed and look awesome and utterly messy. After this Tate could only say that he really needs a beer and a shower.

P.S. Sorry about the missing sound – we got the trailer in this soundless version. Probably a technical oversight of some sort.


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