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Muscled Straight Dudes Vincent & Micky Fooling Around & Sucking Each Other Off

by on Jan.31, 2014, under Fratmen Sucks

Vincent is one of the favorite guys that have recently been at the Fradpad. He’s (in)famous about his unrepentant cockiness, teasing and fooling around. He’s just a terribly fun guy to be around, and everyone likes being with him.

He’s been away for some time and I’m definitely happy to see him back. He’s become a bit more mature and serious, there is no more too much childishness but he’s still very much fun to be around. Vincent is at that juncture of life when he can draw both from his experience of a young dude and from the fact that he’s a young man already. It’s like a bridge between boyhood and manhood. And so he feels he can advise younger dudes about life and everything else that matters.

Today he fooled around with Micky. Vincent thinks that Micky is just a young guy without much experience, but when they really meet in person, the interaction between these two becomes amazingly interesting and fun to watch. Of course, being young dudes they still fool around a lot, there’s a lot of teasing and playful banter.

After some time Vincent and Micky get really turned on and hot for each other, especially in the shower. Since they’re both straight guys, the action is somewhat awkward, but still hot. Both guys have pretty large dongs, I mean it was hard for Micky to even swallow Vincent’s entire shaft!

There’s a kind of competition between the guys when they suck each other off, each one trying to prove that he’s a better cocksucker. You see, straight guys can be great cocksuckers too, when they consider cocksucking as a kind of competition.

I especially liked the very end, when something unexpected happened, as a result of too much passion, perhaps? I’ll leave you to find out what exactly happened yourself.


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Hot Young Frat Men Give Each Other Blowjobs

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