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Pervy Female Private Detectives Get Their Hands On Young Macho Sportsman Scotty

by on Jan.09, 2014, under CFNM

This is a new series of clothed female naked male episodes entitled "Private Eyes". It follows the story of two horny female private detectives, Jane and Danika. These hot and horny female private eyes don’t mind resorting to all kinds of nasty blackmails and other extortion methods, especially if their target happens to be a hot, athletic manly sportsman like Scotty.

At first the ladies thought this would be just an ordinary job like any other, and they accepted it for the sake of money, but as soon as they learned who the target would be, they changed their priorities and got interested in Scotty’s body. The pervy women strip the boy of his clothes and start examining his perfect muscled and quite masculine body. They touch and grope his genitals and probe his virgin straight ass, too. All this has had an unpredictable effects on the young sportsman, and soon enough his big uncut dick gets hard.

The pervy ladies do not lack in all kinds of ingenious methods and games which make Scotty’s dick hard even against his conscious will. Scotty knows that he is in no position to argue with these private investigators because he could make his life even more unpleasant by doing so. Therefore he decides to submit to their demands, no matter how outlandish they may be. He can’t protest even when the ladies probe his tight asshole and insert several big dildos up his arse. The boy must now endure this ordeal or he might lose his sport career.

The women are in the ecstatic mode and extremely happy to have such a great male specimen in their hands with whom they can do whatever they please.


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