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Muscled Straight Dude Vinnie Steel Fucks Spencer Todd

by on Feb.13, 2014, under Broke Straight Boys

Spencer Todd is one of my personal favorites among younger muscled guys. This is his second time to get fucked in the ass, and this time round Vinnie Steel has the honor of drilling Todd’s bottom. Since both guys are actually straight it’s no secret that they’re both doing it for the money.

Vinnie jokes about himself being totally broke. His main dream at the moment is to open his own gym but he still lacks a lot of money for that. He hopes that, perhaps, doing these gay for pay movies will make him enough money to make the dream come true.

Spencer tells Vinnie that he’d like him to suck his cock first. Vinnie thought he would only do the fucking, so he’s not exhilarated with the proposition, but he does it nevertheless. Vinnie even manages to deepthroat Spencer’s rather large cock.

Now it’s Spencer’s turn to suck some cock, and Vinnie lets him have it. Our Red boy gives his best, but Vinnie’s tool is not small, so there’s lots of gagging and deep breathing.

Spencer gets on all fours and Vinnie puts a lot of lube into Spencer’s ass and onto his own dick. Well, that man pussy of yours is going to be drilled now, sorry Spencer!

When Vinnie finally penetrates Spencer’s hole Spencer lets out several loud cries. However, Vinnie is slow and gentle in the beginning and lets Spencer accommodate his cock. Having been ass-drilled only once before, this is a new feeling for Spencer and it takes some time for him to get used to the new sensation. Spencer controls the movements and Vinnie just stands there and lets Spencer do this at his own pace.

Next, Vinnie lies on his back and Spencer sits on his cock. "Oh, my God," Spencer yells. Spencer’s rather pale skin on his butt cheeks looks great while Vinnie fucks him. Vinnie even slaps Spencer’s ass to let him know who’s in charge.

Finally, Spencer lies on his back and Vinnie now fucks him from behind. This position allows him to penetrate Spencer’s ass deeper than before. Now every with thrust Vinnie’s entire cock disappears in Spencer’s ass and Vinnie’s balls hit Spencer’s butt cheeks.

Spencer shoots his load that goes all the way to his chest and six pack. Not long after this Vinnie adds his own semen to the mixture.


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