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Elder Miller Strokes His Big Fat Dick Before The Scrutinizing Eyes Of Pervy Authoritarian Bishop

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It’s time for Elder Miller to fulfill his duty towards the bishop and their holy brotherhood – he has to be examined by the bishop who is the only authority that can say whether this young male is up to the task that is expected of him. He dresses up impeccably and by god, he does look like a genuine missionary. He appears in the bishop’s office rather early, and uses this time to say a little prayer before he gets examined by bishop’s stern gaze and hands.

The bishop is an expert on these physical and spiritual examinations. He is very fond of his job because he gets to see all the young men in their prime and research their young energetic masculine bodies, compare them and see for himself the workings of the most high in the human body. All the missionary men know the importance of this examination and are very eager to please the bishop, hence they are always in top physical shape when they appear before him. Of course, the whole examination is completely discreet and only the young elder and the bishop know are privy to the details that happen during the session.

The bishop maintains a professional distance from the examined elder, and Elder Miller thinks it’s both slightly scary and sexy at the same time. He has heard various stories about these examinations but is not sure what exactly he can expect at any given moment. The bishop’s authoritative commands make his dick hard in no time and it wants to get free from the restraints of his pants. The bishop is secretly awed by Elder Miller’s hot young and ripped body and manages to conceal his excitement that such a hot male specimen is right there before his eyes. The bishop orders the young missionary to remove his shirt and other clothes so he can see his naked body. The young inexperienced missionary obeys the order without question and is actually happy that he can satisfy and live up to the bishop’s demands. "Does he think I’m handsome?" is a thought that is constantly running through his head. The bishop approaches him and yanks his tie, which falls onto the ground. He takes off his shirt and gives it to the bishop, which reveals his hot ripped chest that emanates the primeval energy of masculine strength.

Soon enough his pants are gone, too and the young missionary stands there naked, only wearing his underwear. The bishop gives out another order: pleasure yourself through the underwear. His cock is already hard and responds very favorably to the hand rubbing it through the pants.

Finally, the bishop orders him to remove the underwear as well, so he can see the young missionary’s cock in its full size and glory. The bishop’s job consists of making sure that this young man is a fully functional male capable of fathering children and being sexually active in general. Bishop has to make the missionary cum and dump his load so he can inspect his semen as well, the quality, consistency and volume. The elder is told to sit down and pleasure himself at his own pace.

It certainly feels rather awkward being naked with a raging hardon in front of a clothed minister, but as a young elder he knows that obedience and patience are the the most prized virtues and he wants to leave the best possible impression. He strokes his massive thick rod slowly, then starts yanking it faster and more aggressively. Elder Miller suddenly has a weird and humbling idea on his mind – he will use this opportunity to confess all his sins to the bishop at this moment, and hopefully the bishop will deliver a proper punishment whereby all his sins will be washed away.

Elder Miller thinks he certainly deserves a very hard spanking. For instance, he thinks to himself, the bishop could bend him over the table and spank his ass so hard that it glows hot red and inflicts a lot of purifying pain for the sinner. Imagining the bishop’s big hairy hands beating his young ass makes him even more fond of the idea of such corporal punishment. Elder Miller is not sure whether he is the only one of whom it is required to stroke his hard cock before the bishop, or whether there are virtually no exceptions to this rule. The powerful energy surges throughout his body as he’s approaching the point of no return and he has to actually stand up. He approaches the desk and his muscles tighten just before he would start shooting his jizz all over the table.

Luckily, the bishop is very satisfied with this performance and he takes some of the elder’s cum and puts it on the elder’s head as a kind of anointment. Elder Miller is both relieved that this ordeal has passed and extremely satisfied that the bishop was pleased with his performance as a young adult sexually capable man.

However, there is a surprise towards the end of the session, because as it turns out this was just the first test in a series of tests. The bishop’s next order sounds a bit chilling when he tells the elder that he must lie down on the desk and allow to be tied to it. The next examination will be tougher than the first one. 


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