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Once Arrogant Straight Lad Tom Gets Pounded By Aggressive Hung Master Dave

by on Oct.18, 2014, under BreederFuckers

Straight dude Tom often behaves like a spoiled little brat. His usual routine boils down to playing football with his buddies and trying to fuck as many chicks that he can find. He’s made it pretty good for himself, and life looked as if though rose-tinted glasses… but then he was rudely taken to this correctional facility for spoilt straight guys where he’s about to get a really hard lesson in obedience.

Master Dave has immobilized Tom’s legs with some tight ropes so it’s pretty hard for Tom to even move around. Master Dave wants to teach Tom some of dog’s main qualities – obedience and discipline, so he is made to behave and walk like a dog. Dave reserves the right to punish him severely if he doesn’t obey his master. Dave gives the order to Tom to fetch him a little toy. Unfortunately for Tom, he was careless with his buttplug, and when it falls off his master punishes him with severe flogging.

But what dog doesn’t like a good bone? Master Dave is all too eager to offer his new puppy his huge erect dick and make a happy and obedient pet out of him. Tom has no other choice but to swallow that bone and practice licking and gulping it down his throat.

While his beautiful hard cock is being serviced by his slave, Dave starts inspecting Tom’s asshole, preparing it for the main upcoming assault. Dave quickly inserts his massive stiff rod into Tom’s ass and starts to fuck him relentlessly. Tom now has to take this fucking like a common little bitch and swallow his excessive pride that has turned him into a conceited little twerp.

Dave fucks him so hard that it’s no wonder that he couldn’t last for too long – when he was close to busting his nut, Dave pulls out and shoots his load straight into Tom’s wide open mouth. This once overly arrogant straight boy is now defeated and lies on the floor covered with his master’s cum.


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