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Gorgeous Straight Dude Dustin Holloway Gets Fucked For The First Time

by on Feb.27, 2015, under RandyBlue

Dustin Holloway is the quintessential guy next-door. As soon as I saw him the first time I was eager to find out how far this handsome straight lad would go, and it turns out he decided to go all the way. We’ve already seen him in his solo jerkoff session (here) and in the fuck scene with Brett Swanson (here), but it was uncertain whether he would continue to broaden his sexual horizons. Well, the wait is over so let’s see what he did with Kurtis Wolfe.

In this movie Dustin plays a bisexual dude who has a crush on his buddy Kurtis Wolfe. The two guys had a productive workout session in the gym where Kurtis showed Dustin some tips on how to exercise properly. Kurtis gives Dustin a ride home and when they arrive at Dustin’s place Kurtis needs to take a pee. Dustin’s curiosity gets the better of him and he can’t resist taking a peek at Kurtis’ cock while he’s taking a piss. However, Kurtis notices him and accuses Dustin of secretly ogling at his cock. After some verbal exchange Dustin admits that he’s been having a crush on Kurtis for some time… and Kurtis replies by admitting that he’s had lusty thoughts about Dustin as well!

Well, this situation can end only in one way – hard fucking! The guys start off by kissing each other passionately, then Dustin drops to his knees and starts sucking Kurtis’ cock. After some time Kurtis returns the favor. Kurtis can feel the itch on his ass and can’t wait to feel Dustin’s cock deep inside. Dustin penetrates Kurtis and starts fucking him like a madman. Seeing how much Kurtis enjoys being fucked in the ass, Dustin realizes he needs to try bottoming too. He whispers into Kurtis’ ear that he’d like him to fuck his ass as well. Of course, Kurtis doesn’t mind it at all and soon enough Dustin’s ass is at the mercy of Kurtis’ raging hard dick. Dustin was so turned on by getting fucked for the first time that he shot his load relatively quickly while being pummeled by Kurtis’ relentless cock.

After a passionate and sweaty fuck session, Kurtis pulls out and shoots his load. Dustin licks up Kurtis’ cock and swallows his seed, and then gives Kurtis a spermy kiss. Really hot boys and a refreshingly interesting fuck scene.


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