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Ripped & Very Hairy Sportsman Tom Lawson Gets His First Massage & Cums Buckets

by on Jan.01, 2018, under English Lads

Let’s kick off the New Year with a bang! Super hot straight hunk from England Tom Lawson is back for his very first massage and manhandling by another guy –  and boy oh boy, does he cum a lot!

We’ve already met Tom on several occasions in the past (e.g. here and here), but this time round this hairy sportsman is going to get his first professional massage from another guy. And the outcome is quite shocking, to say the least – his whole hairy body is drenched in his own cum, even though he didn’t use his hands!

So Tom takes off his clothes until he’s wearing only his boxers, kicks back on the table and the male masseur starts doing his magic. Not too long after that we can see his hot hairy ass in the tiniest details as the camera focuses on it. He turns over and his cock is now the primary focus of the male masseur.

Tom’s cock is uncut and very BIG indeed –  and after only a few seconds of getting the attention from the masseur, it gets so hard that it’s throbbing like mad. Tom is relaxed and his mood is cheerful – he is totally enjoying the experience, even if he didn’t expect it to be so pleasant.

And his cock definitely loved the manhandling and soon enough Tom shot a huge load all over his hairy chest, and then the next load followed, and the next, and then the next load and then then ext load! Actually, this straight dude should apply for a world record challenge for big cumshots, he’s defo a natural talent!

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