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Sexy Muscled Peeping Boy Liam Gets Fully Inspected By Inquisitive Girls

by on Jun.22, 2018, under CFNM

Liam has been caught peeping on girls and now he has been brought before Ms Langdon, who has some pretty unorthodox methods for punishment. Instead of being given detention or a written warning, he has been ordered to get completely naked and let the girls use his body as a teaching tool in their biology class.

Overcome with shame, Liam thinks he will never be respected as he once was, his good reputation tarnished forever! Of course, these girls don’t care so much about whether his so-called punishment was justified or not – all they care about is to get their hands on his hot muscular and hairy body – and any excuse will do! It seems that these pervy girls get turned on whilst humiliating young sexy guys like Liam, so they make him worship their shoes! Now, Ms Langdon has got another strange idea – Liam is ordered to kneel naked on the desk so the girls can be taught a lesson in taking a man’s ass!

Ms Langdon is very much pleased with how this whole situation has been turned in her favour. Liam won’t be peeping at the girls anymore, and the girls have a chance to learn about male anatomy on a live model. Ms Langdon is also personally pleased because Liam is the hottest guy in school, and she gets to inspect him personally.

As much as Liam doesn’t like what’s happening to him, his cock quickly gets hard and responds very well to these girls’ groping hands. And in no time the girls manage to milk his cock!

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