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Three Rough Straight Men From Eastern Europe

by on Mar.03, 2019, under JNRC

Here are three straight guys from East Europe that needed some quick cash really badly. The first one is Romain whose country of origin we don’t know but he’s from Eastern Europe. He has three kids, and now at 43 years of age, he considers himself a fully accomplished alpha straight man. He works in a factory, and from time to time also as a security guy in a local night club. His scary rough look can definitely keep the bad guys at bay!

His wife left him several years ago for reasons of “domestic violence”. The court decided that he would have to send money to his wife every month, for the rest of his life. Romain figured that jerking off in front of the camera is not such a bad idea, to earn a lot of cash so easily, and doing something he does often anyway. He strokes his big thick manmeat and shows us that beauty from all angles – big heavy and hairy balls full of prime alpha seed. A bit scary man, but so sexy anyway.

The second guy is a Straight Serbian Football Coach. He’s completely straight and can’t stop talking about women and pussy. He was in need for some quick cash, as well. Thankfully, JNRC was there to give him a helping hand (pun intended – not quite this time, but maybe in the future). This smiling cheerful straight guy loves to show off his big Serbian cock. And it’s a real beauty – upright, straight and pretty long and thick. It was so much fun shooting this scene with him. A great man with a great cock. Long Live Eastern Europe!

And the third guy is a Hot Bulgarian Soldier. This trooper was not shy in the least and wanted to show us his nice big cock from every possible angle. He has a stern, serious look in his eyes while he’s stroking his manhood. It’s as if he wants to say, “suck my cock and shut your mouth!”. Very sexy indeed.


Straight Serbian Coach

Sexy Bulgarian Soldier

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