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Boxer Manning

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I must admit that I hired Boxer Manning because of his super hung 9-inch cock (which hangs about five or six inches when soft) and abs, plus the fact that he is an ex-Marine and a helicopter pilot – that all added up to ultra-masculinity in my mind.
The thing that I like most about Boxer is his open-mindedness, especially about his bisexuality. He freely states that he’ll have sex with whomever is put in his path – if he is attracted to them – whether male or female. “Sex feels great,” he says, “and I love fucking, so if someone wants me to fuck them what do I care if it’s a man or a woman. One of my favorite places to go is [a swingers club] because I can have it all.”

Asked how he got the name Boxer, he said, “It’s just something everyone calls me every since I can remember, which is strange because I have more of a passion for wrestling than boxing.”

About the Video “Hung”
Admittedly, I’m an ass man, but when I saw Boxer Manning’s six-inch soft cock for the first time, and then the pictures of his nine-inch hard on, I knew I had to share him with you. A self-proclaimed bisexual, Boxer will fuck you with that massive tool no matter what your gender, so get on your knees, and service his cock getting it sloppy wet and ready to plummet deep inside you!

When you first meet Boxer, you notice his beautiful eyes and unassuming face. When he takes off his shirt you want to lick those tight abs, and when he drops his pants, your mouth drops open due to the sheer size of his flaccid cock – it just hangs there inviting you to swallow it whole as it glides down your throat, blood expanding it in your mouth, the base pulsating, and pre-cum dripping as he becomes aroused by your hot servicing.

A lot of members request that I produce more underwear sequences, so I thought the best way to introduce you to Boxer’s cock was to have him drench his whities, slowly unveiling what he will soon thrust deep inside you.



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