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Cocksucker Blows The Big Blond Guy

by on Jul.27, 2010, under New York Straight Men

Lucas hasn’t has a day off from his family’s butcher shop in 2 weeks. He says the summer and the holidays in December are their busiest times.

While he was out for a jog he figured that since he had the whole day off it would nice go get some head. So he gave us a call. We told him to come right over because we had an eager cocksucker who will be waiting with an open mouth.

Less than an hour later Lucas arrived, hot, sweaty and horny!  Off came his shorts and out flopped his big uncut cock ready to be sucked. Lucas took advantage of Ben’s mouth and fucked his face like there was no tomorrow.

When Lucas was finally ready, he exploded on Ben’s face and grinned as his cum dripped into Ben’s hungry mouth.


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  • Fag, Wells, Nevada, looking to be used, sir.

    I’m David, and I’ve sucked many a cock if you need to bust a nut sometime, sir. Call me if you’re coming down through Elko County, Nevada. I’m a very obedient boy, and getting on my knees to be used by you is what I’m all about.

    Contact me at 775-376-4643 when you need to bust a nut down a warm, willing throat. I was put on this earth to swallow as many loads as you want me to because that’s what your bitch is for.

    I’d also love to lick your ballsack and your freshly showered ass. If you want to get a little rough with me and maybe whip my ass with your belt, that’s fine by me too, sir. And I need to learn how to get my face fucked properly. You grab my ears, and I’ll just be holding onto your legs making my throat as accessible for your dick as possible. There’s nothing like a man’s balls slapping against my chin. And, god I love swallowing the sperm. It’s like the best thing on earth.

    I’m strictly a bottom, though. I suck dick and get fucked.

    And, of course, if you order me to drop my pants and bend over, I have no choice but to do it. You’re the man, and I’m the fag – that’s how the system works. I know my place.

    I also don’t mind a man putting me on my knees while he pisses all over my face either. I’m not into any kind of shit.

    And I wouldn’t mind three, four, five or even six guys taking turns using my mouth (maybe we can work something out during deer season. Up to know I’ve only blown two guys at once.

    Hope to be used soon, sir. This is not a joke. I’m not trying to setup somebody else by the name of David. I’m David, and I’m one of the best cocksuckers around. I was put on this earth to make sure you guys have a convenient, on-demand cumdump. I love men. A dick is one of God’s greatest creations, and I just want to service as many of
    them as I can.

    You want me to swallow it or you want to blow the load on my face? Your call, sir. Nobody will ever know.

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