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First Auditions – Tough Straight Boxer Steve & His First Porn Shoot

by on Mar.12, 2012, under TheCastingRoom

Well, Steve is the epitome of the type of guy we value the most. He’s a straight, masculine lad with lots of tattoos and a typically male attitude. If you like your straight guys to be manly in the hegemonic masculinity kind of way then this is a good example.

Steve likes to watch a lot of porn and frequently has sex in front of his friends at various parties. Recently he heard about our site and thought it would be good to break a new ground and try something daring and new. After all, most straight guys want to be porn stars, there’s nothing surprising about that!

Steve is also a boxer and weightlifter. His body is quite muscled and his stomach is completely flat, with a six pack. This dude has no fat deposits whatsoever.

Steve is pretty open-minded but he defines himself as strictly heterosexual and doesn’t want to even consider having any physical contact with another man. Even our enticing money offers did not seem to work. Sometimes a straight dude is uncompromising about these things, but we shall see.

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First Auditions is a great and original porn site that features young, cocky straight men who want to earn a lot of money by becoming porn stars. They think they’ll be accepted right away and bang lots of chicks, but what they don’t know is that our casting director is very strict and wants to see them naked and how they jerk off during the audition. Lots of drop-dead sexy men here!


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