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Brutal Tops – Two Cruel Rugby Masters Train Their New Sub

by on Aug.11, 2012, under Brutal Tops

Master Guy and Master Derek have found a new sub that needs and wants to be trained. First they force him to lick their dirty, muddy sports dresses, boots and sweaty bodies. They make him focus on their sweaty asses and armpits in particular.

In case the sub disobeys any of their commandments he gets severely punished. The cruel Masters will force him to strip them down using only his mouth. Then they have some nasty fucking in store for him. The slutty sub gets his sorry ass completely drilled and stuffed by the Masters’ two big cocks. Furthermore, they take turns, so while one Master fucks the bitch, the other stuffs his sorry mouth with his dick.

Eventually the Masters shoot their loads and fill the little prick with their cum!


Short preview video:

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  • obidient4u

    i’m Looking For Tops-Sweaty Manly Players..

    Men that work out in the gym to 35 y.o…Weight lifters..Men that want to pump up their already strong, masculine bodies so that no one will be a match for them..

    Masters that also want a sub guy who willingly allows Them to Humiliate me and do just about anything with my body if that pleases Them..Masters that love to have such a sub slave because that’s the easiest way to release the excess testosterone-driven energy from their body..

    They force this 60 y.o. white sub to smell Their Sweaty Armpits, Ass Cheeks and They even fuck me because all this fucking around makes Them Horny..They Shove Their Hard Cocks into my mouth and then inside my tight ass..

    If interested and within 40 miles of Waynesboro VA email

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