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CMNM – Hot Gaelic Footballer Shamus Mercilessly Inspected

by on Dec.03, 2012, under CMNM

Shamus has already reached the "star" status among the footballers. He is considered to be a genuinely famous athlete that everyone looks up to. Shamus is Gaelic as far as his descent is concerned.

Shamus thinks it’s necessary to do just about everything that his sponsors require of him in order to remain popular and successful. The contract that he has signed with them is worth several million dollars and the margin for error is small.

His sponsors are serious, no-nonsense type of Irishmen who just want to make sure that the sportsmen that they chose meet their strict requirements. These Irishmen are very direct and want to touch and check for themselves the body of the footballer they are sponsoring.

In this video we can see for ourselves how Shamus is being treated like an animal, or object, while the pervy men inspect his manly body and examine his balls and cock to make sure that this boy is masculine enough to realize the sponsors’ goals.

Shamus gets very embarrassed while his sponsors are inspecting his body as if it were a piece of clothing. However, he tries to remain unmoved even while they’re examining his asshole. He knows this is his best chance in life to make it big and become famous, so he doesn’t resist the examination.


Preview video:

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